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Despite COVID-19, people lined up for Black Friday


With COVID-19, things are looking a little different this year for Black Friday, but the coronavirus didn't stop people from lining up at stores in Colorado Springs.

Around 4 a.m., the line started to grow outside of Bass Pro Shops as many people waited patiently to get into the store.

Just like every year, the big ticket item is their $10 blue jeans. This year, though, Bass Pro is expecting a smaller crowd then normal. Because of the pandemic and wanting to avoid the large crowds, Bass Pro has been running deals all week long. On top of that, they have multiple safety measures put in place to keep people safe.

Chris Koeninger, General Manager of Bass Pro said, “We do have a mask mandate, we also have masks so we give those out to the guests when they come to our store. All of our associates wear masks, we have sneeze guards at every contact point, we have sanitizers all over the store, we have social distancing stickers on the floor, and we also have monitors going around the store making sure everyone is keeping distance and staying safe.”

In a recent survey completed by Refinitiv, a market data company, 74 percent of people plan on shopping online this year due to the pandemic. That’s up 50 percent from people who said they would last year. The survey also says that 64 percent of people plan to spend less money this year then last.

And just a reminder for those, with limited capacity in stores, you may have to wait in line before getting into whatever store you’re looking to get the best deal at.

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Kolby Crossley

Kolby is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Kolby here.



  1. Their lives, their choice. Amazing how easily you liberals switched from “Government stay out of our homes” to “Please tell me what I can do and how many people I can have over”! See your hypocrisy.. all over a disease that has less than 1 percent death rate. Scared? Stay home and pretend to live.

  2. I thought this was more simply explained by the years of Pavlovian Conditioning to this consumer marketing being the main fault of this problem. Our basic instincts corelating directly to being safe and enduring has been over-written just for that shiny new bobble. So I do see that Corporate America’s biggest threat is still our their Plutocracy. Some are still watching and being distracted by the Republican and Democrat side-show’s.

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