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A day in the life of a school COVID-19 investigator

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PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) — A team of four people in Pueblo School District 70 is responsible for tracking down COVID-19 in the school system.

“This is all kind of brand new to us,” said Todd Seip, the public information officer for District 70. “We didn’t sign up to be COVID response team investigators.”

Three people who work in the Student Services department, along with a school nurse, make up the team. They have each taken on a job that doesn’t wait for them to clock in. And they do it on top of their normal job responsibilities.

“When we get a response investigation that we know we need to tackle, we put those other duties aside and we’ll get back to those later,” Seip said. "This is actually, probably, two full-time positions at the same time."

When a principal, a parent, or the health department notifies the school district about a positive case, the student is placed on a 10-day COVID-19 leave from the start of symptoms. But District 70 says its contract tracing pre-dates any symptoms.

“The investigation begins a timeline that starts 48 hours prior to the onset of symptoms, or in the case of no symptoms, 48 hours before the individual was tested,” Seip said.

Then, anyone who made contact with the person who tested positive during that timeline will be told to quarantine for 14 days. Seip says it seems to be working. Out of 22 schools and 11,000 students, the district reports 15 confirmed positive COVID-19 cases so far.

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Lauren Barnas

Lauren is an anchor and MMJ for KRDO and 13 Investigates. Learn more about Lauren here.



  1. Perhaps they need a covid update. According to our Dear Leader you can go from positive to negative in 3 days.

  2. “El Paso County sees highest daily COVID-19 count since pandemic started”

    So we timeline this out, CO-VID happened, March 23 shutdown occurs due to less high statistics than what we are actively showing now, We get CO-Vid back in control, Fall / Winter season begins, Now we are at higher numbers than when we first shutdown and yet our government is less apt to acting and we are still working and not getting the governmental support we need.

    So by our governments (Federal, State, County, and Municipal) actions alone so far, it is no wonder why no one trusts the CO-VID science. You have to ask yourself, which time was our government lying to us or choosing to not act to protect its populace.

    Was March 23 a overreaction, it flattened the curve and allowed the hospital staff to not be over inundated above their available respirators and PPE. Given the NBC training I received in the military and LE I would say they did not.

    So now we are showing statistics that are higher than the numbers we had when the government stated they needed to shut down less than 7 months ago, and nothing else has changed for the better.

    So was the shutdown an act or demonstration only? Was it only an attempt to appear to care? Because if the statistics and numbers are higher than they were before, and at that time we were coming out of the winter / flu season, now we are coming into fall / winter / flu season why is our government still not changing rolling back the Safer at home guidelines and requirements?

    Look our government either needs to show through action that their constituents’ lives matter as much as the elected official’s lives matter. Or Blatently come out and state that all of these color-coded maps, statistical analysis, contract tracing, and everything else that is being done doesn’t mean what our government tells us it means.

    “With those reported numbers, El Paso County should be in the “Safer At Home: Level 2″ range for public guidelines, however, the county is still reporting that we are in Level 1. ”

    If the government won’t follow their own guidelines they made, and then put out to the public, then why even have it. The Government’s actions are very clear, they will do what they want, even when it contradicts themselves.

    This is happening everywhere, this isn’t partisan related. All of our government is vapor-locked and seized up from worrying to make the best decision for our community and that is from a position of listening to our medical professionals and following through with the steps that were laid out in the beginning. Not doing so is just costing lives, and at what point does our governments actions begin to reflect criminal negligence.

    1. “Criminal negligence”.  A person acts with criminal negligence when, through a gross deviation from the standard of care that a reasonable person would exercise, he fails to perceive a substantial and unjustifiable risk that a result will occur or that a circumstance exists.

      1. Which then leads use to having to look at every death that occurs during this period, for every government leader that is in charge of not following their own protocols and ask ourselves, “Was This Government leader or administrator or elected official Criminally Negligent?” And if they were then we must ask, “Did their Criminal Negligence lead to any deaths?” And we have the death toll provided every day by the Government.

        “With those reported numbers, El Paso County should be in the “Safer At Home: Level 2″ range for public guidelines, however, the county is still reporting that we are in Level 1. ”

        Ҥ 18-3-105. Criminally negligent homicide
        Any person who causes the death of another person by conduct amounting to criminal negligence commits criminally negligent homicide which is a class 5 felony.”

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