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Lack of enrolled students could lead to schools missing out on millions in funding

Tutors on back to school

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- On October 1, millions of dollars in funding is at stake for schools located right here in the Pikes Peak Region.

As students either show up in person or virtually, they will be counted for “count day” as schools tally their students for the state's per-pupil funding. For District 20, a predicted loss of 900 students could result in a nearly $7 million loss.

Allison Cortez with D20 said, “$7 million dollars goes to anything from just in curriculum, to purchasing new balls for a physical ed class, to purchasing new equipment for a chemistry class, to salaries. I mean it really runs our whole operating budget.”

The same goes for Harrison District 2, but they’ve been able to cut down on the number of students who are not enrolled.

Co-Superintendent of Harrison District 2 John Rogerson said, “Two weeks ago we were showing that we were missing 700 students. Through a concerted effort through counselors, school administration, by teachers, by our district staff, that number has been cut almost in half. So that will have an impact on our funding unless, as I say, the state realizes the impact this will have on every district in this state.”

But the question is why are students not enrolling?

Rogerson says COVID-19 plays a huge part.

“The pandemic is absolutely the major reason for the lower numbers across the state. Just getting people to realize, come back to school either through e-learning or in person it’s going to be safely done at the school you are working at,” he said.

This year, each student draws more than $8,000 of state funding on average across Colorado.

So all in all, fewer students equals less money. However, it's not just money school districts are worried about. Cortez says students who are not enrolled can really fall behind academically.

“I don’t know where these students have gone and we don’t want them to fall behind. So we are pleading to parents and families today to just get your child enrolled, whether it’s homeschool, e-learning, or whether it’s District 20 or another district.”

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Kolby Crossley

Kolby is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Kolby here.



  1. Funny, before this year D20 was spending money like it was going out of style. Not being fiscally responsible. Now it will bite them in the rear.
    They redid the transportation parking lot and installed extremely expensive light fixtures. 10x the price of a regular LED like the rest of us buy. Rumor from a electrician I know they spent almost $3000 per light pole head. Even the federal govt doesn’t buy parking lot light fixtures that expensive.

  2. “Lack of effectively managed Government Departments leads to several public functions and services to fail their citizens”.

    You could turn it in to a mini-series and discuss the following: the executive branch, the legislative branch, Department of State, Department of the Treasury, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of the Interior, Department of Agriculture, Department of Commerce, Department of Labor, Department of Health and Human Services, Department of Housing and Urban Development, Department of Transportation, Department of Energy, Department of Education, Department of Veterans Affairs, Department of Homeland Security.

  3. I understand the need to register your child but has anyone considered that because of covid and the loss of jobs people have moved out of state? Can’t register a student that is no longer here.

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