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Colorado Secretary of State calls on national media to not report results on election night

Jena Griswold

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- UPDATE: Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold has deleted a tweet that urged national media outlets to withhold results on election night. Griswold apologized for the tweet and issued a statement.


Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold touts the state's security when it comes to voting, but Griswold put out a message Thursday that has many on social media scratching their heads.

Griswold is calling on national news to "make no projections on election night" and "announce no election results on election night.

Griswold doesn't specifically name any news outlets, only calling on "national media networks" to make the pledge. She also said she's going to ask other elections administrators and voting rights organizations to join her in the request.

Griswold says that this year's election will be dramatically different, adding that "We need an unprecedented plan from the media for how they will cover an unprecedented election.

It's not likely, however, that the networks will choose to withhold information. Networks aren't the official standard for elections results --results are certified by election officials-- and data is provided by individual states to the public at the same time that it's available to journalists. News organizations like the Associated Press typically make projections on who is statistically likely to win a race based on available data from the states.

No networks have issued a statement in response to Griswold's message as of the publication time of this article.

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  1. Talk about voter being disenfranchise or voter suppression. If Trump made this comment, the media would go ballistic. The comment was made by a Democrat so it OK.

  2. This is what will happen – Trump wins election night and then cat 5 riots begin from dusk til dawn. Biden wins by mail in vote a week later and then we’ll see two separate sides of protests battle in the streets. Each side lined up on a concrete battlefield like the 1st civil war. Heads will roll. All for nothing. All to be a temporary leader in a big world in a massive universe.

    1. Correction: Trump will CLAIM he wins on election night, regardless of what the results may be showing.

      1. I think he’ll win the electoral again and lose popular after all the mail comes in. Just my prediction. But, riots either way.

  3. “Colorado Secretary of State calls on national media to not report results on election night”
    Why? Give one good reason. As far as I’m concerned, her request is a load of BS.

  4. Griswold is a far left communist who believes the ends justify the means in furthering her cause and would have her opposition lined up and shot.

    Cut to the chase – shoot that bitch first!

  5. No matter how many times I say it, it doesn’t get any clearer, the two-party system is failing their constituents, all of us! Again, it shouldn’t matter if you are left or right this is blatantly wrong, unwarranted, and entirely unprecedented. Not doing reporting as the tallies are coming in has been nationally syndicated and reported on since radio and television was able to broadcast this information.

    Colorado Secretary of State Jena Griswold is expecting to act like technology no longer exists and we are supposed to wait until all of the votes have been tallied and a final result has been assessed. This action alone does not inspire voter confidence no matter if you are affiliated with the Republicans, Democrats, or independents.

    This action only causes more divisiveness because, We the People then lose even more of the government’s supposed transparency.

    What else needs to occur before the majority realizes the two-party system are the people responsible for most of the divisiveness and distrust; they have all of us distrusting one another and at each other’s throats over problems they caused in the first place. I know the majority of our populace are not as extreme as as what both of these parties have become, and they will only continue until We The People put our feet down and finally say no more.

    KRDO, I hope ABC entirely disregards this request as this is just another government attempt to set a new precedence of now being able to temporarily suspend our 1st Amendment rights to the freedom of the press. This should not even be entertained, let alone authorized. What is it that the Politician’s financial benefactor Lobbyists are not wanting to show The People.

  6. The election should be over on election night, period. Giving more time after election night only creates more opportunities for voter fraud. Of course, the left knows that voter fraud is the only way Biden gets elected.

  7. I can ALMOST see the sense in this. I’ve watched elections since Carter beat Ford. With the increase in communications technology, the 24 News Cycle, and the desire to be the first to report, I’ve watched election results start pouring in at a pace that can only be described as insane.
    I wish “journalists” would show some restraint, not give in to the urge to say anything just to be speaking. I’ve seen network news start shading areas for a candidate with 15% of the precincts reporting. They also have a tendency to start reporting on “exit polls” that don’t indicate how many people actually gave an answer.

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