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WATCH: President Donald Trump, former VP Joe Biden meet for first 2020 Presidential Debate

trump and biden

President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden are making their cases for why they should lead the U.S. during the first 2020 presidential debate on Tuesday.

Watch the debate below:

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    1. Calls him out on his bs. Calls him out like the puppet he is. Biden just got bent. And you are a whiny sucking baby.


      1. @ herethere45 And you HAVE NOT been paying attention….sure wish you’d do some honest research on the the person you are voting for….not just on facebook and twitter either.

  1. I had to stop watching. Terribly organized “debate”/
    Trump would have been thrown off the stage-
    he just can’t stop abusing his position.

    1. Had to stop watching because you can’t comprehend the fact that biden is a democratic puppet, as well as being complicit with nefarious things with your God obama, and has no clue what he is talking about. I feel absolutely sad watching a man with dementia, participate in something that he mentally cant understand. But you sound like a retard, and I wish you’d make better decisions in your life.

    2. @FCN nope and THAT is why he is gone….If not we will impeach him for real because now they have evidence (tax returns) either way the guy is getting charged and will possibly go to jail.

    1. I think you mean “Make America White” – and not again. Most embarrassing debate ever in the history of America. Why? Trump can’t and won’t follow the rules. Trump can’t and won’t play fair. Every pundit agrees he ran ripshod over Wallace.
      Not to mention his open call-out to white supremist groups:
      _ _ _ _
      Trump: “I would say almost everything I see is from the left wing, not from the right wing. I’m willing to do anything, I want to see peace.”
      Wallace: “Well, then do it.”

      Trump: “Who would you like me to condemn? The Proud Boys? Stand back and stand by.”
      _ _ _ _
      Trump’s “stand back and stand by” has already been claimed as the Proud Boy’s new motto, it’s already being sold on T-shirts. But you probably already know that, right?

  2. Politics is cut-throat, it is easy to get bent over about. Each politician is simply at the helm of a ship of money and rudders it to one partnership or another. House always wins. Now I just close my eyes and focus on family, health. Forget the rat race of affluence. Envy is a terrible thing.

  3. Wallace sure did give Biden a lot of life lines.

    “I’ve done more in 47 months than you have in 47 years.” Game, set, match….Trump

    1. 200,000 dead on his watch. Fewer jobs going out than when he came in. Hate crimes way up. Regulations for safety and welfare rolled back (see 200,000 dead on his watch.) Corruption and unqualified personnel in government. Wall is failing and falling. Prisons and cages are filling, children and mothers included. Disregard for communties impacted by natural disasters – recommends sweeping the forest. Attempting to take health care away from 20 million citizens, and coverage for pre-existing conditions from all of us. Destroyed the faith of the global community in America.

      Yes, Biden could not have caused such damage to America in 47 years. Only Trump could manage that.

    2. Not to be antagonistic but rather to point out that Trump shifts even his start date to fit his narrative he is pitching during that monologue.

      Case in point is when Trump was providing his answer regarding his right as the acting president to announce who the next Justice of the supreme court will be. During that monologue, Trump was attempting to explain that his 4 years is from inauguration to inauguration.

      From January 20, 2017 to January 20, 2021. If we go by this date as his first day of his presidency, Trump has only been in office for 44 Months, not 47 months.

      But later on in the debate Trump changed his narrative to make it appear he has been in office for longer than he has actually been in office, by claiming he has been in office for 47 months. If you look at this, Trump changed his narrative of his start date to now reflect his start date was when he won the election on November 8, 2016.

      It seems minute to look at just this one discrepancy, where during the same speech Trump is using 2 different start dates to fit the narrative of just that one topic at hand. But neither match so there is no congruency, and because the first had to do with the election of the Supreme Court Justice, this appeared to be deliberately antagonistic and argumentative.

      Ultimately, Trump hasn’t done more in his 47 months, because he hasn’t served 47 months, yet. Thus, Trump’s statement is entirely false, as of today, Wednesday, September 30, 2020, Trump has only served 44 months and 11 days counting today. More importantly, During this one speech, it provided the proof that Trump is making up numbers to fit his narrative of the topic at hand. In this instance, Last night offered he has 2 distinctly different start dates as the President of the United States, when his inauguration date is when he took office, ergo this is his start date. Just another example of Trump over-inflating his record, as he did throughout the debate.

      Yes Biden is party line,

      So is Trump.

      They are both active participants in this two-party system, and neither are for The Peoples best interests, just themselves and their lobbyist financial benefactors.

      Want better? I do.

  4. I want to first clarify I want everyone of our votes to count, I do wish I could trust our government, but the factual evidence causes the reality of trusting our government when it comes to elections to be nefarious at best. If we as Americans are ok with the government of the USA to be known to have tampered with other countries elections, what makes you think they don’t / won’t do this in America.

    “One study indicated that the country intervening in most foreign elections is the United States with 81 interventions, followed by Russia (including the former Soviet Union) with 36 interventions from 1946 to 2000—an average of once in every nine competitive elections.” – Shulman, Stephen; Bloom, Stephen (2012). “The legitimacy of foreign intervention in elections: the Ukrainian response”. Review of International Studies. 38 (2): 445–471. doi:10.1017/S0260210512000022. Retrieved 12 January 2017.

    So in these 54 years, America interfered in 81 different elections in different countries.

    Based upon this track record, what would make me believe that any American election is not rigged to have the pre-selected personnel the lobbyists want in these positions. Follow the money you find who is in charge of our country. The Government is just a backdrop or splash-shield that protects the real people in charge of our country, the lobbyists and banks. One only has to be a student of history to see what is going on, this isn’t a different script than what has been done several times before.

    If there is no solid foundation, then why build a house on top of it. If our government has interfered 81 times in other countries, why would we believe that our own government didn’t also begin doing this during that same period here in America. Our Government would have to keep a solid foundation where there was a matching ideology that allowed this to persist and continue since as most recently as 2000 as the quote above indicates.

    Thus why both political parties have more in common with the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) than they do with real politicians.

    I am tired of voting to the lesser of 2 evils during a Presidential election, and this behavior only seems to be worsening with every election. If this is the best these two parties have to offer under this broken two-party system, then perhaps it is time a better party or parties are formed. Parties that do listen to their constituents, agree there should be term limits in Congress (both the house and the senate) and will get this through Congress to pass the vote, and if vetoed, pass by a majority to overrule the veto, pass laws making lobbyists and all forms of lobbying illegal and punishable by a fine that is sizeable enough to fit the crime, and a minimum prison sentencing of 1 year per $100,000 offered or excepted. Offered, should be only punishable if the actors took a substantial step to complete this illicit transaction.

        1. So we can have two people that clearly won’t get along and will attempt to stab each other in the back at every opportunity they would get. Our Government is already as ineffective as it is now. This would only further exasperate the problems we already have, not solve them.

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