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Woman issued a summons after video captures Trump sign being damaged in Castle Rock

trump sign vandalized
Still frame from video by Sarah Miller

CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Castle Rock Police Department identified a woman caught on video attempting to destroy a campaign sign for President Donald Trump.

Castle Rock PD said Friday that the woman had been issued a summons and the case was closed.

The incident started earlier this week when a YouTube video was uploaded showing the woman attempting to tear down the campaign sign.

The woman hasn't been publicly identified by police, and it's not clear what crime she is accused of at this time.

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Andrew McMillan

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      1. You mean the people obstructing traffic in a ROADWAY, then getting aggressive when a car is trying to get by!

    1. Odd how you don’t see right wingers doing this stuff… Probably because we have jobs and enough foresight to realize there are consequences for our actions.

  1. Well the sign was trash just like the man it names. if you vote for him it is VERY CLEAR you have NOT been paying attention.

    1. Dems always have a way of justifying bad behavior. Have you been paying attention to sleepy creepy joe?

      Torigan bore again
      Torigan wrong again

      1. Your perception of Joe Biden is in the eye of the beholder. At least he doesn’t lie every time he opens his mouth…

        1. Yeah…lies. You want to talk about lies? Remember Obama/Biden? Yeah, their lies changed our country forever. But to the actual story, RealityCheck, this woman is representing the vitriolic hate of the Left goaded-on by politicians, media and celebrities. Please, claim her as one of your own. Stand with her. Like her FB post and be sure to tell her how brave she is for attempting to violently rip down an inanimate object representing a right under the Constitution (1st Amendment). I mean she really embodies BLM, equal rights and how un-racist she is. Obviously, extremely virtuous. Don’t you think?

    2. Pardon us, trash? Paying attention? Excuse me Torigan but if you want to claim this psycho as one of your own, enough said. She is just following the lead of your party’s radical left agenda and what our county would have to look forward in the DNC utopia. Please provide a serious valid argument for her ridiculous childish behavior that is also supported by law. You are for law, correct? I assume if this was a Biden or Obama sign accosted by someone and then yelling expletives with a dish of the middle finger you would be losing your marbles. Or is my logic trash, as you say?

  2. Just speaking of my wallet, I have been greatly enriched this past 4 years. Harris administration couldn’t do it for the next 4.

  3. Make this marxist democrap who hates America carry a sign promoting Trump until election day on a busy intersection.

  4. Another American hating indoctrinated democrat millennial.

    “Why yes Mr. Biden, I will blindly follow your agenda to systematically destroy the U.S. By the way, do you have anymore kool-aid Joe?”

    1. It’s people like you, not smart enough to recognize Trump for what he is, that make the whole future of our country somewhat doubtful.

      1. So what part makes you want to bite for biden? His dementia? His overt racism? His plagiarism?

        Or is it because you want harris? Do you like that she was solely picked because of her skin color? Or is it the fact that she literally slept her way into, and up through, politics that appeals to you?

  5. My question is if she’s been summoned we know her name why are we not naming and shaming her that’s their game right? What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

  6. “Woman issued a summons after video captures Trump sign being damaged in Castle Rock”
    I hope she has now learned that you can’t change stupid just by removing a sign…

    1. She was stupid to begin with. Her lack of tolerance for intellectual diversity is a trade mark of the left.

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