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More red light cameras being activated in Colorado Springs

red light camera

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The number of red light cameras continues to grow in Colorado Springs, with cameras at two more intersections being activated this week.

The Colorado Springs Police Department says that on Friday, cameras will go live at the intersections of Austin Bluffs Parkway and North Academy Boulevard, and E. Platte Ave. and N. Murray Boulevard.

Those lights join the intersections that already have red light cameras activated. There will be a 30-day warning grace period before citations are issued. If you're caught running the light, you can get a $75 citation.

Current intersections with red light cameras

  • East Platte Avenue @ Chelton Road (eastbound approach) 
  • Briargate Boulevard @ Lexington Boulevard(westbound approach)
  • Academy Boulevard @ North Carefree Circle(northbound approach)
  • Academy Boulevard @ Dublin Boulevard(northbound approach)
  • Lake Avenue @ East Cheyenne Mountain Boulevard (eastbound approach and left-turn lane eastbound to northbound)
  • Airport Road @ South Academy Boulevard (northbound approach and left-turn lane from northbound to westbound)
  • Platte Avenue and Union Boulevard (westbound approach and left turn lane)
  • Woodmen Road and Duryea Drive (eastbound approach)
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  1. I still contend that since an officer didn’t make contact to verify who the driver was at the time of the incident that this does not meet the burden the is procedurally required to effect a penalty assessment. There is no eye-witness to sign as the complainant. There is also the legal requirement that law enforcement must verify that their RADAR is still properly calibrated and tested by the tuning forks before and after every stop. I contend that if law enforcement has this burden of requiring that this piece of technology must be verified while in the hands of a law enforcement officer, to verify he is accurate with his visual identification for speeding, then what is the burden of a piece of equipment that doesn’t have anyone verifying it is operating within proper calibration before and after every alleged violation. How often is this piece of equipment certified to be operating as expected, because if a RADAR has to be tested before and after every stop, then why isn’t there an officer sitting up on the pole in a tennis Judge chair verifying it was working as intended.

    1. And now with CO-VID, how can they attempt to make a claim that they could identify the driver of the vehicle when they are wearing a mask while driving? Simple answer is they can’t.

      And look at all has to be done just to attempt to identify you post the incident without law enforcement contact. They have to pull the vehicle license plate to see who the vehicle is registered to, then they have to get pictures of the appropriate sex of the person that appears to be caught in the picture at the time the picture was taken, then they have to pull the driver license photo and attempt to say, “yup that kinda looks like the driver.” from a distance of greater than 40′ and through a windshield.

      Unless you make an accidental RES GESTAE statement (Also referred to as a spontaneous utterance of admission), The LE has to prove to the courts that they properly identified that was you, without pulling you over after the infraction occurred.

      1. My contention which so far has worked. I have the right to face my accuser. So like you said it is even legal? Even though an officer reviews the tapes it is still in a gray area where can they say it was you?

        BTW: The red light cameras do not have radar. No speeding tickets. Your argument is why we don’t have speeding camera enforcement in Colorado.

        1. I am sorry I made a grammatical faux pas. I was attempting to provide a segue into a correlation of how the traffic lights are being utilized as a tool to assist law enforcement, the same as a RADAR unit.

          Describing the requirements LE has to use a RADAR. But seeing the absence of requirements to ensure the similar equipment used by LE, E.G. the traffic stop lights.

          My apologies, I should have been more clear and concise. Thank you for calling me on this confusion.

          1. I disagree with you on this. Radar technology needs to be calibrated frequently, and the tuning fork ensures its accuracy both before and after the infraction was noted.
            The red light cameras are different, in that the photographic evidence doesn’t change, and it alone doesn’t result in prosecution. It’s a tool for officers to look at what people did and then make a determination based on that evidence, watching the light changes and where vehicles are relative to those light changes. It’s those officers who make the determination to prosecute, just like they would if they were there in person, except the evidence remains for review if necessary.

    2. I said tested, and I know that is the improper verbiage, more aptly verifying that the certified RADAR is still operating within the calibrations. Using the certified tuning forks to verify the RADAR is registering the appropriate readings.

      Sorry, all of the weird ideocracies that are required when having to provide court testimony versus explanation sometimes gets confuddled. Those that have been in LE or have worked in the Judicial system should understand what I am referring to.

  2. well….all this means is Suthers and Polis have to watch us at all times to make sure we are good lil slaves and wear our mask

  3. Blue paint sales are going to increase as drivers protest against being robbed by autoamted cameras that click a pic when there is no chance of a accident happening….
    Release the stats that show how many accidents there are per 1000 tickets mailed.
    Stop the thievery by a corrupt city desperately trying to raise funds,

  4. Get an automated ticket in the mail? Throw it in the trash. They can’t take action against you if they can’t prove that you received it.
    And do NOT log in on the internet to “see your video.” When you do that, you are providing proof you got the ticket.
    Let them send an officer to come personally serve you, like the law requires. They likely won’t.

    1. “They can’t take action against you if they can’t prove that you received it.”
      You want to place a bet on that?

        1. You would lose. They will follow up until you are served in person. It may take a while, but it will never just go away.

          1. At least they would attempt to serve until statute of limitations ran out, which is variable, depending on the class of the crime and the crime in particular.

    1. That’s far too easy, at least for most of us.
      As for the rest of you, I have no sympathy for all the whining about being prosecuted for breaking the law. Perhaps you’ll eventually learn and make the roads safer for the rest of us law-abiding citizens.

      1. I don’t have an issue enforcing the laws. I do have a problem enforcing laws that have been proven in several different municipalities, counties, and states that red-light cameras do not meet the legal burden of proof needed to affect an issuance of a penalty assessment. CSPD does have a problem with traffic enforcement. I also have a simple answer, hire more line officers. Pay for them by removing the top-heavy administration of the same agency. Too many admins riding their patrol behind their desk in their cubicle / office, and not enough on the streets.

        Looking for technology to do the job that a person is supposed to do is not a valid, nor legitimate reason, unless the laws change to authorize this accordingly, which they have yet to do.

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