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Walmart scrutinized for employee’s method of disinfecting carts

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LA JUNTA, Colo. (KRDO) — Cellphone video taken by a Walmart shopper in La Junta shows what appears to be a store employee disinfecting only some shopping carts.

The shopper wants to remain anonymous, but gave KRDO permission to use the video.

Walmart writes on its website:

“We continue to focus on cleaning and sanitizing our stores, including shopping carts so customers can feel safe. We found a new solution to help associates clean carts quicker and more thoroughly, making them ready when customers need them.”

Walmart's website also says stores use two gallon spray kits to "sanitize the whole cart."

KRDO sent the video to Walmart’s corporate office and got this statement in response:

“We appreciate this being brought to our attention and are working with store management to ensure associates know and are following the proper spraying procedures. During this challenging time we’re working to balance health and safety concerns while still meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and associates. We’ve seen a positive response to the measures we’ve taken and will continue to put safety first.”

El Paso County Public Health says grocery stores are advised to clean and disinfect high-touch surfaces as much as possible. The health department says disinfecting carts between customers is recommended, but not required.

Luis Gonzalez shopped at the La Junta Walmart on Wednesday, Aug. 19, when the video was taken.

"That’s just lazy," Gonzalez said. "Maybe he was having a bad day or something, I don’t know, but that’s just careless.”

Gonzalez is from Texas where the virus is more prevalent. He tells KRDO he knows 13 people who have died from COVID-19.

"There is a lot of elderly people that live in this community and this area," Gonzalez said. "So that does scare me, especially my mom, that she shops there a lot. She is 60-years-old and it concerns me that she has to go to that Walmart.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also has sanitation guidelines for businesses operating the pandemic. Its recommendations are more vague.

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Lauren Barnas



  1. Right? Is recommended but not required. So stop being tattle-tale little b@tches KRDO. My God, you guys have really gone down the toilet in your so-called “journalism”. I am so disappointed in what used to be my favorite station. Now, you’re not even 3rd. I don’t even rank you.

  2. There’s been NO Confirmation of Transmission of this virus from surfaces to people! Give me that ‘dirty’ cart, because I’m not going to lick the handle or even my hands after touching it. I’d be more concerned that people don’t all wash their hands after voiding their bodily fluids or when they’ve been using illicit drugs! I especially like the carts that have been out in the sun for more than 2 minutes; no chemicals but naturally Sanitized.

    1. If you want to take your chances with uncleaned shipping carts holding your food, then that’s fine. But most people expect higher standards of cleanliness that you obviously care about.

      1. How little anyone’s food got contaminated by shopping carts, BEFORE this virus came about, when the stores just about almost Never cleaned them!? How often did you touch your hands to your face while prepping food, out of the respective wrappings? Probably not that much, same as any other person. Did you use produce-bags or straight into the cart, excepting something large like melons? Did you wash your potatoes or anything else purchased from the stores? Come Mr. Reality! Check your garbage, because you and so many others are OVER Reacting!! The only time I’ve gotten sick from food that wasn’t a personal allergen, was when it was improperly handled, not from the container it was in or the cart used to shop with! Personal hygiene methods of the’cook’ is much more important, when food is prepared.

        1. This virus is one of the most virulent strains ever known. It’s transmitted much more easily, and has more serious consequences than other viruses that have been around for many years. I’ve always been meticulous about washing food, but this virus can travel on food wrappings just as easily, so it can easily make its way into kitchens for some unsuspecting consumer such as yourself. Do some real research yourself and see what applicable research has been done by real experts before shooting your mouth off.

          1. To use that wonderful quote from “How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days”, I call B*** S*** on that, because Not EVEN 1% of The Entire World’s Population has been Infected!! That Number would be slightly north of 700 Million and there’s not a Single Statistic that places the blighted humans as any where NEAR That! It doesn’t matter that it’s been on ‘surfaces’, as not a Single ‘expert’ will confirm A Surface To Human INFECTION! YOU ” Do some real research yourself and see what applicable research has been done by real experts before shooting your mouth off.” Because I’m in the health field, I HAVE LOOKED at so many articles published by so many doctors and experts, and you are just following the Fear Porn, not looking at any other country’s Research. Pull your brain cells together and Think for yourself, AFTER doing More looking around.

          2. Replying to blue62″
            You could say I’m in the health field myself, except I’m now retired. But my professional affiliations still give me access to the best medical information available, things that you probably don’t have access to. And I believe those experts, who I know and respect, rather than you.
            So keep up the bullshit, and time will tell who was right, assuming you survive to see it.

    2. BTW, there’s been a lot of research done about the transmission of the covid virus on surfaces done in Europe, so perhaps you should read other sources as well.

      1. Now, I just did And there STILL “No Change” in Contact of Surfaces or even from food! This Virus is transmitted PRIMARILY by person to person contact or air-born(and less evidence of people contracting by this vector). You are welcome to set the quote, for search parameters, but there’s more smoke off of your diatribe, than that of the wildfires.

      2. Replying to realitycheck”
        So nice that you are still keeping up with your retired field; are you keeping up with the world’s entire input or just ‘some’? The way I see it, some are Open Minded and Not dismissing out of hand any treatment options, just because the U.S. president has taken up a certain protocol that was using decades old proven drugs, in an off-original-target illness, as ‘some’ have, instead opting for newer, much more expensive possibilities, which may not BE THE Golden Product that was hoped for, as there’s been some news I’ve read within the last 36 hours. If God so Calls me home, I have Faith that my Savior will be the one to take me to His Repose, as a Faithful Servant, but doubt it will be by this Wu-Flu. I think my years of watching for the good things of natural medicine, will carry through, and as has happened, help others. If we haven’t already had it back in January, we’ll either not get it or will be of the numbers who experience mild or no symptoms, but are not going to get tested for no reason & Tracked from then on. Remain healthy and we will all see how this all pans out.

  3. Since there has been a lot of outbreaks at Wal Marts…… not so much.
    I could see wigging out if there had been a lot of incidents.
    Also if you are that high of risk that you get all worked up over this then please use the Wal Mart pick up. or have your groceries delivered. You do have options.

  4. You mean the guy getting paid $7.25 an hour to wrangle shopping carts from the parking lot to the store in 98 degree heat doesn’t follow every step of the carefully laid out disinfection procedure for shopping carts?
    I am shocked, stunned, flabbergasted, gobsmacked, and a little worried.

  5. Oh, no, we are all going to die from contaminated Walmart shopping carts.

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