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2nd-grade Elementary teacher preps classroom for Back-to-School amid pandemic

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- District 49's Remington Elementary School is slated to have students return to in-person learning on Monday, August 17th with a mix of E-learning and in-person options.

Teachers returned to school last week in preparation. Amid the pandemic, the school teachers devised plans to keep the classroom as safe as possible through detailed planning, problem-solving, and classroom preparation.

Jodi Price, a 2nd-grade teacher at Remington Elementary School, is prepping her classroom to allow for social distancing between students. Currently, Price has 24 students returning to the classroom. A handful of students have opted for an E-learning option.

The school teacher has employed a unique approach to classroom preparation. She arranged desks on the floor, so students can feel like they can move throughout their space freely. She's also taken out any large, group tables, spaced desks evenly, and added a small yoga mat at the base of the desk for each student to move candidly within their space.

Price says, "They would move about the classroom in groups but that will not be happening this year. They will stay in their space, which is what I was worried about. I didn’t want them to feel confined."

A few of the classroom changes include:

  • All students and staff will have to wear a mask for in-person learning
  • Desks are spaced out for social distancing
  • Students will no longer work in groups or pairs, nor share items
  • Classrooms will be disinfected after each day

Beyond these changes, Price has taken additional measures to ensure the safety and happiness of her students. The District 49 teacher has enrolled in trauma and mindfulness courses to help her students feel at ease.

The teacher will incorporate various forms of yoga, breathwork, and mindfulness in the classroom.

Price adds, "I feel great, and the reason I feel great is that I’m allowed to use mindfulness and yoga as well as social distancing so I’m excited, I think it’s going to be an incredible experience."

The teacher clarifies that while it's been challenging to get everything ready, she's ready for the challenge. Price remarks, "Teachers have yet to begin to show the world what we’re capable of doing during this pandemic."

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  1. All you need is the mask. That’s what Polis tells us. That strip of cloth is impenetrable.

  2. So you found one classroom that looks like it perhaps should. Nice job media. I suggest you go check out the Jr. High and High Schools that require 6′ distance and tell me what that looks like. Don’t go to a nice brand new building. Go to one of the older schools. I bet you will find a completely different story. I can see the Superintendents now. LOOK HERE! This is what we model our rooms on. Don’t mind the rest, they are coming along nicely. They show you what they want you to see and never what you need to see.

    1. That classroom does not look like it perhaps should. Those desks are nowhere near 6′ apart. At the most they are three feet apart. To properly social distance in that room, they would need a classroom that is 30′ x 30′. And that is just for the kids to sit. That is not taking into account them needing to move about the room to go to the bathroom, go to the teacher’s desk, travel through the doorway to go to lunch.

      I love her positive attitude and the ideas that she has to make this environment successful, but it just isn’t practical to put 25 people in one room for 7 hours per day.

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