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Update on hikers disobeying Manitou Incline closure, needing rescue

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MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Manitou Incline has been closed for months, there are signs throughout Manitou Springs alerting people of the closure and the most popular Incline group on Facebook has dozens of posts talking about the closure, yet some hikers are ignoring the closure and then calling for help from El Paso County Search and Rescue.

A post was shared on the organization's Instagram page Friday, saying, "We are still rescuing folks off the Incline, regardless of the closure. Please be safe and aware of the heat."

EPCSR's Facebook page indicates the latest rescue happened July 1 when a runner suffered a hip injury on Barr Trail near the top of the Incline. Another post stated the team responded to a report of an injured hiker on June 24, but that the call was ultimately handled by the Manitou Springs Fire Department.

The El Paso County Sheriff's Office said Monday that a third Incline rescue was performed in May. Details of the May and June rescues are unclear, and officials were unavailable Monday to provide more information.

Temperatures near Manitou Springs topped 90 degrees last week, and there are no options to replenish water near the top.

The popular trail, which ascends nearly 3,000 stairs up Mount Manitou, is temporarily closed due to a combination of safety precautions for COVID-19 and a dispute over parking management between Manitou and Colorado Springs. A group climbed the Incline last month in protest of the closure, but no further action has been taken.

No estimate has been given on a timeframe to reopen the trail, but the two cities are working on a reservation system to use it.

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  1. I say, if you want to ignore a closure, nobody’s coming to save you. Act like adults even if you don’t appear to BE one.

  2. I know SAR provides their service for free but in these cases of willful trepass they should be charge for their services. Also charge them criminally with trepass.

    1. I thought the law allowed for “victims” to be charged with the cost of the rescue if they were in violation of legally posted notices. If not, then you’re correct that they should be.

  3. Since it is closed they should have to pay for the rescue and get trespassing charges.

    1. You’re right! But it’s no worse than frequent red-light runners and speeders, who still expect to be rescued and taken to a hospital when they crash.

  4. “…when a runner suffered a hip injury on Barr Trail near the top of the Incline.”

    Barr Trail “near the top of the Incline” is NOT on the Incline. Kinda like dying “with” Covid as opposed to dying “from” Covid. Don’t boost your stats of “violator” by reporting people who were “near” the Incline.

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