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Police investigating shooting on Fountain Mesa Road

fountain shooting Cropped

FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KRDO) -- A shooting that happened Tuesday evening at an intersection in Fountain is under investigation, and several blocks of Fountain Mesa Road have been shut down.

Police responded to the shooting after 6 p.m. near Fountain Mesa Road and Lake Ave., according to emergency dispatchers. Officers on the scene reported finding multiple shell casings.

Police believe that the shooting was between people in two cars, a Chrysler 300 and red Chevy Malibu. The suspects were reportedly wearing face coverings.

Fountain Mesa Road was shut down from at least Lake Ave. to Comanche Village Drive.

We're working on getting more information on this incident.

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    1. Thanks for sharing you racist. The article clearly says they had face coverings and has no descriptions but somehow they are a part of BLM. It racist beliefs like yours that cause the need for BLM

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  2. So where is the update? Are there thugs running around? You can always rely on this channel to being you nothing at all.

  3. Well, if the Fountain Police are investigating, be patient. They have more cases dismissed because of shotty due-process than anyone else in El Paso County. Ask any 4th Judicial DA or Magistrate.

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