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Black Forest bar says it’ll stay open after Governor Polis’ announces new action


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Governor Jared Polis announced Tuesday that bars and nightclubs will be closed again, but the Chicken Coop in Black Forest wrote on its Facebook page, "The Coop will be OPEN today (July 1st). We will continue to be open until the Health Department tell us we have to close."

The owner of the Chicken Coop, Sherri Koch, says, “We’re staying open until we get the order to shut down." She adds, “I hope it’s a very short time, not a month. We can’t do 2 months again. You’re gonna kill businesses.”

Koch says she will keep the Chicken Coop open to patrons until she receives a formal notice from the El Paso County Health Department to shut down.

But Wednesday afternoon, The Chicken Coop got clarification from El Paso County Public Health that because the bar has a food license, it's technically able to operate legally even under the governor's new guidelines.

According to the Governor's order, bars that have taken steps to open as restaurants may continue to operate in-person service, so long as they have patrons seated with their own party only in set seating, spaced six feet apart, and with no mingling.

More information can be found in the Governor’s Executive Order.

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      1. Loaded with nursing home deaths where people only live 5 months on average. 90 percent of deaths in democrat governor states. You know they are logging deaths differently. Even if someone is in hospice where life expectancy is less than a week, they will classify this as covid-19. If it were 140,000 deaths evenly distributed then I’d be concerned. At least half of these people would be dead even without covid-19.

    1. People don’t have to go there. So if they choose to then why would they sue? You can stay home in your basement with a mask on and not be affected.

  1. I think that you should be able to sign a form acknowledging the risk and then patron the business. For those of us who have already had it should be able to go about life as we want and if other accept the risk they can join. Let a adults be adults.

    1. Unfortunately, too many adults don’t act any more responsibly than children, led by the Whiner-in-Chief himself.

      1. It is sad that you feel it necessary to poke at the prez in every comment even if it is not applicable. How is living that hateful life working for you? Make you feel giddy every chance you get to bash someone? When you allow hate to consume every aspect of your life all it does is make you worse off.

  2. When we have to shut the state down again thanks to idiots like you I hope those doing the right thing avoid your dive like the plaque.

    1. So you want them to shut down now, so they don’t have to shut down later. Either way they’re shut down. Being as the protests are ok, your business is ok. Everyone open up and do your own thing. If you don’t like it don’t go!

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