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Denver school board votes to pull police resource officers from schools

DENVER (KRDO) -- Denver police officers will no longer be used as school resource officers in Denver public schools, according to our news partners at 9News. This comes after a unanimous vote by the Denver Public Schools Board of Education to end its contract with the Denver Police Department.

DPD officers will be phased out through June 21, after which the district will rely on its own security teams.

Superintendent Susanna Cordova released a statement after the vote, saying the death of George Floyd was major factor in the decision.

“George Floyd’s death, and every tragic death of Black people at the hands of law enforcement, have brought to light how we as a district can respond and do more for our students of color," Cordova said in the statement obtained by 9News. "Ever since the issue of removing school resource officers was first raised, I emphasized how critical it is to hear from many different voices in the community. We heard from several stakeholders tonight, with pros and cons on both sides. It's important to think about the full context here: strong safety resources on our campuses; trusting relationships with the adults in our schools; and the urgent and absolute need to end the school-to-prison pipeline. 

"I believe the board has voted on this resolution with the best interest of students at heart.There is absolutely nothing more important than all of our students feeling safe, cared for, and protected in our schools. An education does not happen without that. Our students need to trust the adults who are on our campuses with them. I appreciate the board’s forcefulness and tenacity in bringing this issue forward.”

9News reports that board member Tay Anderson said school resource officers unfairly target students of color, making them wary of law enforcement at a young age.

Currently there are 17 school resource officers working under the contract with Denver Public Schools. DPS pays the police department $721,403 each year for school resource officers, according to 9News.

Per the resolution obtained by 9News, these funds would be instead be used for increasing the number of social workers, restorative justice practitioners and mental health professionals in the district.

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  1. Do you know what kids do when their parents aren’t around? What they do to their teachers nowadays? It will be interesting to see how this works out for the poor person in front of the class at any given time.

  2. Then we should clean house of all teachers who abuse students, molest them and corrupt children. Can the teachers union do that???
    When the next crisis happens point directly at these morons. Every child that is not saved when something happens is on their watch.
    Can they elect some sane people in Denver??? Someone who will fight and NOT CAVE???????

  3. “DPD officers will be phased out through June 21, after which the district will rely on its own security teams.”
    This is a classic case of throwing out the whole barrel to get rid of a few bad apples. So they’re going to entrust their kids instead to a bunch of wannabe cops who weren’t able to get onto a police department? That’s much more scary.

    1. Yeah this has potential for disaster. don’t get rid of the cops make them accountable!!!!!!

  4. SROs help keep our CHILDREN SAFE by being on-hand to STOP ACTIVE SHOOTERS and you want to get rid of them?

    Are you completely and utterly INSANE???

    Police officers also interact with the students on a regular basis, helping to BRIDGE THE GAP between law enforcement and today’s youth.

    Getting rid of them is like cutting off your nose to spite your face.

  5. ftp, they deserve death. That includes all their brain dead supporters. With that being said, fuq the school board also and their public indoctrination centers. Nothing like trying to show sympathy to black people through a racist action. You should get rid of the pigs in your school, because they dont belong there NOT TO MAKE “BLACK” STUDENTS FEEL “SAFE” police and public educators arw equal garbage

  6. How long till there is an incident at a DPS location and they blast DPD for the long response time?

    Always the argument about targeting this group or that group, never backed up with any factual indicators that the same behaviors are ignored because of the person’s race.

    1. That’s why much of the police reform that I’ve read about is targeted at overall policies, which make no mention of race, but of specific behaviors which can hurt anyone.

  7. I can’t wait to see how long it takes for this one to come back and bite them in the Keister! Good luck with your knee jerk decisions.

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