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Day 9: Colorado Springs protesters create shrine for lives lost to police deadly force

shrine george floyd protest colorado springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- In the ninth day straight of George Floyd protests in Colorado Springs, some attendees created a memorial to those who have lost their lives after police used deadly force.

The shrine was decorated with candles, flowers and teddy bears to honor the lives lost.

About 150 people showed up Sunday afternoon to lend their support to the Black Lives Matter cause.

KRDO reporter Zachary Aedo will be downtown the rest of the day to capture the scene. You can follow his live updates on Twitter below:

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Suzie Ziegler

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  1. How long until they themselves deface it due to being a monument? That’s literally how dumb they are!

    When will they march for black victims of black criminals…..

  2. What a bunch of Bozo’s setting up shrines for Criminals. What a band of idiots. Justice was served in all these cases by taking this Criminal trash off the streets permanently.

    1. I must have missed it. What crime did George Floyd commit? Thanks Mike Cunt!

      1. We don’t know. The investigation into this who matter has not been concluded!!!! Nobody waits for the investigation to be done and issued, they just rush to a judgement and demand a RESULT and not justice. Nobody is saying the cop was right. If they do then they are just a troll or a douche. Yes, he has an extensive criminal record and I am still curious as to why he is being held up as he role model for the black community.
        If you know something special do let us know. I hope in the future we will see this when another black person is killed by another black person. Do I think it will happen? No. It does not fit the agenda of BLM or any other radical organization.
        Until then be prepared to eat your words if something new breaks in the investigation.

      2. What crime??? Since you are unaware of any crime committed by St. George, allow me to remind you it’s still a felony to pass counterfeit money.

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