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Police disperse protesters with tear gas in downtown Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — Police used tear gas in an effort to break up crowds outside the Police Operations Center and County Courthouse in downtown Colorado Springs Saturday night.

Hundreds of people walked from the Police Operations Center to the County Courthouse shortly before 10 p.m., when police used tear gas to disperse them. Protesters had gathered in solidarity with the movement calling attention to George Floyd's death during an arrest in Minneapolis.

The violence that unfolded was a far cry from the peaceful protests that took place earlier in the day. About 1,000 people protested around 3:30 Saturday afternoon.

Police said at 5:30 p.m. a crowd gathered outside the Police Operations Center. According to police, protesters were throwing rocks, glass bottles and other things.

A couple of police patrol cars had their windows broken and the sides were vandalized with graffiti.

Police said the crowd refused to follow commands to disperse. That's when police shot tear gas to break them up.

At least one person was arrested during the protests after 5:30 p.m.

Police continued to try to get the crowd to leave, but groups kept regathering and marching to the Police Operations Center.

CSPD is asking people to avoid the downtown area Saturday night.




  1. I fully support people protesting lawfully, especially in the case of George Floyd. But as soon as activities become unlawful, the demonstrators have sunk to the level of those against whom they claim to be protesting, and their protests lose all credibility.

    1. Of course, it’s quite possible in this case that the unlawful activities are white supremacists, who are trying to discredit the black population.

      1. And just who are these White Supremacist I keep hearing about? I thought it was the Cartels from what MSM has reported.
        If it the WS you claim then EVERY white person out there is part of it.
        Thugs being thugs. More tear gas and rubber rounds for these folks. Squash the mob, that’s the only way.
        I guess Social Distance is a thing of the past.

      2. Oh I bet it’s that! You’re so right. Your ignorance and blind loyalty to your Democrat party is absolutely awesome!

      3. By evidence of lack of self control, property damage of innocent merchants and government property, they discredit themselves. Many would benefit from reading Gandhi.

      4. White supremacist in a blAck riot….what have you been drinking? That suicide.

      5. The arrests made in Miniapolis found that the ones instigating the upraise were from out of state.

  2. Can we now go to restaurants and sit close together since Social Distance is out the window.
    Just say you are there showing solidarity for that dead dude in Minneapolis. They can’t seem to enforce it and weak Polis will be a ray sist if he tries to shut things down.

    Business should not return after being burnt down. Those outside agitators ruined the community for some free Menthols and Jordan’s.
    The cops where being nice. What’s the Gov. gonna do. Weak Leader. Now communities are destroyed. Way to go Democrat Leaders. Your mob turned on you.

  3. Unreal all the other people who are being hurt by this, no consideration, It was 100% wrong that cop killing him, but there is a right way and a wrong way, Minn. is gone! people lost there shopping, there apartments, My god! its so hurtful, it has to stop its out of hand most I believe are no in it for excitement and pure looting, who is going to pay for rebuilding? we are.

    1. You know the autopsy disagrees with you, right? The autopsy found that he died of an underlying heart condition that was triggered by fighting and with unknown drugs/alcohol in his system. The autopsy said there was not strangulation or neck compression issue here. “I can’t breath” is a telltale symptom of a heart attack.
      You know what that means, right? It means that when he goes to trail for murder, he will be acquitted. And he’ll sue to get his job back, since they fired him before they did an investigation, and he’ll attribute his termination to politics and not facts.

  4. Once THEY finish destroying a bunch of cities and their economies, THEY will demand Trump help them rebuild. If he refuses, he, and the rest of the law-abiding citizens in our country, will be called racists. What else is new? Colorado Springs has grown into today’s culture problems. I have wondered if I would live long enough to see the beginnings of the next civil war. I guess I made it!

    1. @TimeToGo the last one wasnt much fun, sadness on all sides. I say we teach instead of fight.

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