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Employee at 8th Street Walmart tests positive for COVID-19

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The El Paso County Public Health Department confirmed to KRDO that an employee at the Walmart on 8th Street in Colorado Springs has tested positive for COVID-19.

This comes days after the news that three employees at another Colorado Springs Walmart -- the location on Space Center Drive -- also tested positive for COVID-19.

A spokesperson with Public Health told KRDO that there wasn't an outbreak at the 8th Street location, and that only one employee was positive for coronavirus as of Thursday.

Walmart closed the Space Center Drive location for a deep cleaning this week; all locations have been operating on shortened hours to allow cleaning in between shifts, according to a statement Walmart sent to the department of public health.

We're working on getting more details on when the employee was at work. Check back for updates.

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  1. Don’t you have to wonder where and how these people are still getting exposed?

    1. No. The chance of dying from it are slim(don’t listen to RealityCheck, she’s using data from recovered cases and not total cases). And she continues to text and drive.

      1. Got the “she” wrong as well as everything else.

        The latest numbers from Johns Hopkins University show 1,577,287 confirmed cases in the US, with 94,702 deaths. That’s a death rate of exactly 6%. It hasn’t changed significantly since I told you before, except in your hallucinatory mind.

        1. If you include all of the unknown asymptomatic infected people and all of the people that have not been tested that you commented about, then the death rate is less than 6%.

          1. Agreed. But since there are obviously no numbers for “unknown asymptomatic infected people” or “all of the people not tested” the only meaningful numbers are the ones I quote, along with what the numbers represent.
            Note also that “people not tested” presumably includes many “people not exposed” which just further complicates any attempt better quantify the numbers.

    2. Nothing to wonder about. The employees are most likely getting exposed from customers coming in and not wearing masks. There seem to be lots of Walmart customers in particular who apparently don’t think it’s necessary for them to wear masks to help stop the spread of the virus. There have been 22,482 confirmed cases in Colorado, 1,314 in El Paso County, and they’re only the ones who have been tested. There is also an unknown number of asymptomatic infected people who have not been tested. So there are plenty of infected people to go around.

    1. Then you obviously know very little about disease transmission, among other things.

      1. You obviously know very little about humor, irony or humility. Just because you say or quote something doesn’t mean that no one else can be correct. Submit to the fact that you can be and have been wrong because it happens to everyone, AND the same exact facts and stats can be and are interpreted differently by different people: fact.

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