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Sweet treat for a good cause: Josh and John’s teams with Co. Springs elementary school


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Teaming with Josh and John’s Ice Cream, TCA will be selling pints of ice cream Friday with 20% of the proceeds being donated to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Tisha Harris, TCA Director of Communications said, “The truck is filled with 1,400 pints of ice cream and we are hoping to empty the truck today.”

Due to Covid-19, there was concern over the fundraiser taking place as scheduled, but organizers were able to make it happen by keeping social distancing in mind.

“It is a drive-thru situation where they will take your order and everyone will be in masks. They are handling it with gloves and they will get you your order. We are encouraging people not to stay in their cars and to go home and eat their ice cream,” said Harris.

All year long, TCA schools have been raising money for Wounded Warrior Project and TCA East Elementary was going to be raising funds through a service run and ice cream drive. But, due to the pandemic, the school had to think outside of the box in trying to raise the funds.

Harris said, “It caps off our month long event. All our students have been keeping track of their miles since they couldn’t have an in person service run so they kept track at home of logging their miles and now this is the capstone event to end that and it’s a great day for ice cream.”

Members from Wounded Warrior were on hand to help with the drive. Despite everything happening they are thankful for the work and money raised by TCA.

Justin Martinez with Wounded Warrior Project said, “You know with TCA doing this it’s amazing, it fuels all of the programs and services that wounded warrior has so we are so appreciative for everything TCA has done for us.”

Last year TCA was able to raise $70,000 for children’s hospital. But this year, because of Coivd-19 and canceling certain fundraisers, TCA didn’t raise as much. But, as of right now, not including today’s fundraiser, TCA has raised $47,000 for WWP.

If you would like to buy some ice cream for a good cause, go to TCA East Elementary located at 12201 Cross Peak View. They'll be selling pints until 6 p.m. or until all of the ice cream is sold out.

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Kolby Crossley

Kolby is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Kolby here.

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