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Groups protest stay at home order in Denver

Wally Gobetz

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Protesters descended on the state capitol building Sunday to express their displeasure with Colorado's stay at home order. Governor Polis issued the executive order on March 25 to slow the spread of COVID-19.

At least two groups, ReOpen Colorado and the Colorado Libertarian Party, organized the protests outside of the Colorado State Capitol, according to our partners at 9News.

The Colorado Joint Information Center released a statement on the protests, acknowledging their frustrations but saying the stay at home order is meant to protect them.

"We understand people are frustrated with our current situation, but the stay-at-home order protects the health, safety and welfare of our entire community," JIC said in a statement obtained by 9News. "Operation Gridlock would be a wholly irresponsible and reckless way to express those frustrations."

A spokesperson for Polis provided the following statement to 9News when asked about the protests:

“Coloradans have a first amendment right to protest and to free speech, and the governor hopes that they are using social distancing and staying safe. No one wants to reopen Colorado businesses and lift these restrictions more than the Governor, but in order to do that, Coloradans have to stay home as much as possible during this critical period, wear masks and wash their hands regularly to slow the spread of this deadly virus.”

Steve Peck with ReOpen Colorado told 9News that the group's Facebook page was created on April 13, and had gained more than 12,000 followers by April 18.

Peck said ReOpen Colorado is asking group members to be respectful, wear masks and properly social distance if they exit their cars.

See here for more information about the protest.




  1. Ok let them protest have there little hissy fit. But if they get sick .just tell them .wait I thought you wanted to open remember.

    1. So can all you guys tell me what is so immoral about letting people die? Seriously it’s all part of evolution and natural selection. We need to make sure everyone gets this virus. It’s called herd immunity. Everyone gets it ,let it take out the weak and our species is stronger because of it. Science taught me that that is how life works.

      1. That’s not how it works any longer. We’ve got folks who have no idea what exercise is and no clue what “real food” is. They sit and watch TV all day and drink Coca Cola and eat junk food and develop diabetes and asthma and every other disease there is because of it. We keep these folks going with medications to fight the results of their poor choices so that they can contribute to the greatest economy that has ever existed. Where you been all these years.

        1. I truly hope none of your organs ever gives up the ghost on you buddy. Then people could point at you and accuse you of drinking coca cola and eating junk food, even if you exercised and ate right but your genetics or an accident or illness knocked out your liver or your pancreas and you became one of the “vulnerable”. Show a bit of intelligence.

          1. Not even sure what you mean. That KollegeEjucated fella thinks COVID-19 should just be allowed to do it’s thing and wipe folks out by the millions. I had to set him straight.

  2. And now we sit back and watch. If they get sick they should have to pay all their bills. 100% of them. And if they can trace it that they were the reason it spread, they need to pay for their bills as well.

  3. They won’t catch this virus – they are immune/invulnerable! 😷 Of course, no self-respecting virus would be caught within 10 feet of these India Delta 10 Tangos. That said, I agree that they should have to pay any resulting medical bills IN FULL.

    1. Whoa, whoa my easily programmed friend, isn’t healthcare a human right , did the king miss the latest memo on that healthcare wasn’t a human right

      1. don’t confuse what they profess with what they actually believe – they have actually given us a glimpse of what they’d like to do if the left every fully obtained unilateral power.

    2. You do realize most of those people probably already had the virus.. If you do a little bit of research you’ll see that the infection rates are way higher than originally thought and some scientists have a theory that this is a second round of the virus. Your ignorance is greatly appreciated though. Let’s not forget stress is a killer and we have now put 19million people out of work.

  4. Anyone see the video of some of these idiots getting in the face of a nurse who’s been taking care of Covid patients all week?

    1. Yes, I think a mandatory “community service” sentence would include a stint helping out in ERs and clinics.

  5. That LAND FREE sign really helped to make a point. LOL …that blond bimbo yelling at a nurse proves these people are just plain trailer trash and uneducated.

    1. The icing on that cake would have been if her 350 upper half pounds drug her out of that truck.

  6. It is disappointing how many people are so quick to give up their civil rights, and how many will ridicule, and even wish ill will, on those who stand up for our rights.

    1. Mikey, you couldn’t have said it better. Shameful. If you don’t think they same way the sheeple do, they put you down and wish ill of you. Tolerance.

      1. The government telling you what to buy and when to leave your own house. Democrats hates this country and the constitution.

        1. That’s ignorant speak. I don’t want to die nor do I want to pass this wicked virus to my family members. I’m glad Fauci gives me a daily update. I just wish we could throw all of the ignorant folks into one place and let the virus decide who lives and who dies.

  7. Is this the same whinny group crying they can’t go outside that want to tell women what to do with their bodies? The same group that cried and crapped their pants because someone kneeled at a football game? LMAO LOL shoe is on a different foot now huh.

    1. The gots to axe, if it’s her body, then is it her problem?
      When in Roe vs wade, is it really invalid since a group of men made that decision? What about the 1st amendment?

  8. Just a thought….Does it not also say in the Constitution that I, as a citizen, am born with certain inalienable rights?
    What was that first one?…let’s see…oh yes!
    I have a Constitutional RIGHT to be ALIVE.

    And I think my right to LIFE outweighs some Covidiot’s right to “liberty and the pursuit of happiness”.

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