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Vice President Mike Pence to give commencement address to Air Force Academy Class of 2020

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AIR FORCE ACADEMY, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Air Force Academy has confirmed that Vice President Mike Pence will be this year's speaker giving the commencement address to the Class of 2020.

But Pence, who was last in Colorado Springs for President Donald Trump's campaign rally in February, won't be making the speech in person. An Academy spokesperson confirmed that it would be a video address this year.

Add that to the list of changes happening for this year's graduation ceremony, which has already been moved up a month to April 18 and closed off to the public. The Air Force Thunderbirds are still expected to perform a flyover, though.

The Air Force Academy didn't specify if the commencement address would be live or recorded.

Andrew McMillan



  1. Well, he’ll have to pull his head out of Trump’s ass before he gets on the plane. Might be a bit uncomfortable for Donnie without him starting every sentence with, “This President is…..”

    Please just do it online. Don’t come to Colorado Springs.

  2. How fortunate for the cadets. Pence has done well to steer us in the right direction with the Covid outbreak. Think about this, these cadets will have the 2024 President elect giving their commencement address.

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