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Gov. Jared Polis extends statewide stay-at-home order until April 26

DENVER (KRDO) -- Gov. Jared Polis is addressing the state Monday evening as Colorado battles an ongoing pandemic of the coronavirus COVID-19.

Polis announced that Colorado will be extending it's statewide stay-at-home order until April 26, beyond the original April 11 deadline.

"If there is any way to safely end it sooner, I will," Polis said Monday evening. However, that depends on how all Coloradans are reacting to this pandemic. Saying it's our patriotic duty to stay at home and prevent thousands of deaths.

"The reason for the April 26th date is simple because the data and the science tell us that staying at home is our best chance, our only realistic chance to avoid a catastrophic loss of life," Poli says. Adding while many are frustrated with having to stay home even longer than anticipated, it's the State's best option as far as keeping people safe.

Polis says, "If the choice is between a temporary shutdown and a catastrophic loss of life the choice is clear."

The Governor also expressed his frustration hinting that he holds the Federal government responsible for many of the extreme measures we now face saying, "I am beyond furious that we've been forced to shut down large portions of our economy putting tens of thousands of people out of a job because as the wealthiest nation on the face of the earth, we still don't have access to to the supplies and tests we need to mount a proper more targeted response"

There was a silver lining saying the spread of the virus is slowing down in our state. At the start of this pandemic, Colorado was doubling positive cases every one and a half days but as of now, the number of positive cases is doubling about every six to seven days.

As to when this will be all over, the Governor couldn't say for sure but he did say if everyone plays their part it will happen sooner rather than later.

We're carrying the speech on air and live below.

Watch starting at 6:30 p.m.:

More information on COVID-19 and data from the state can be found at this link here.

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  1. Whatever Rolly Polis, we haven’t been complying with the first one so this is no different.

  2. Notice he wasn’t wearing a mask – do as I SAY, not as I do like most authoritarian leftists.

  3. No surprise here. At end of month will announce it will go to mid May. Didn’t have the guts to say so the first time.

  4. Might as well say goodbye to more restaurants then .cause they won’t make it much longer.

  5. You can always rely on this webpage to bring out the low IQ members of our society. You can clearly see it in almost all comments no matter what the subject is. And KROD allows it, just shows their news is low IQ as some of these post.

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