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Aurora PD fires officer involved in DUI crash in Colorado Springs

Aurora police officer nearly hits home
Courtesy: Renee Villagrana

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Aurora Police Department has fired the officer who was cited for driving under the influence after a crash in northern Colorado Springs last month.

That's according to our partners at 9News, who confirmed the firing of officer Jaired Dozier with APD.

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department, officers went to the area of 4900 Montebello Drive to find a single-vehicle crash on March 17. A report from CSPD says a neighbor's doorbell camera caught the vehicle speeding before hitting a tree head-on.

Dozier was cited but not arrested, according to CSPD. A mugshot wasn't taken.

"Officer Dozier's actions do not reflect the professionalism of those who wear this uniform and someone who should represent this organization," interim police chief Vanessa Wilson said to 9News. "Our officers continue to be out in our community, every single day, during this unprecedented time. Their hard work and dedication should not be overshadowed with this one officer's decisions he made while off-duty."

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  1. Good that he was fired from his job. But I’d still like to know why he wasn’t arrested or a mugshot taken by CSPD. Both would have been standard practice for anyone else…

    1. The article should have read that he was arrested and released on a summons. And that is the same procedure any other citizen would have gone through. The don’t book DUI’s into jail until you have so many it becomes a felony, or you have other charges that would warrant a booking.
      KRDO loves to add that statement into the article to make it sound like the cop got some sort of special treatment, even though he really didn’t.

  2. The way I look at it, these cops are just pedophiles engaged in human trafficking and covering for each other. Hopefully they will be captured in the worldwide pedophile roundup that is presently going on around the globe.

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