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2 arrested after holding woman captive in Colorado Springs apartment

christopher breonna thomas

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Springs police say a woman who was being held in an apartment against her will was able to escape and get help; now, two young adults are facing attempted murder charges.

CSPD says the woman was physically assaulted and held in an apartment at 2500 Verde Drive before escaping on Saturday.

Police report that she was held for one day and that there were also three children in the apartment at the time of the assault and imprisonment.

After the woman escaped, she got help and was taken to the hospital for serious injuries, CSPD says.

Detectives began investigating and arrested 22-year-old Christopher Thomas and 20-year-old Breonna Thomas. Christopher faces charges of attempted first-degree murder, false imprisonment, and child abuse. Breonna will be charged with attempted first-degree murder, conspiracy, and child abuse.

We're working on getting more information about the case.

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  1. No shock a African american committing a crime, watching shows like first 48–live pd-cops–any news . that is allllllllllllllll you see .

    1. Wow. Straight to the racism. You do see the WHITE girl in the picture too, right?? They’re both scumbag pieces of sh@t.

  2. No time is ever a good time to go to prison but those there today are facing the additional peril of contracting the Corona. Amazing how stupid criminals are.

    1. Nah, they aren’t stupid. They are invincible and so smart, that they can get away with their crimes. In fact, they are so smart, no one will ever know who they are or what…………….wait, no you’re right. They are f@#king idiots!! And scum.

  3. The dude, Christopher Thomas, got out of jail in Durango, Co around the 1st of the year. I met him last summer at a girlfriend’s apartment and noticed he was high on drugs and I suspected methamphetamine. I didn’t like the way he was acting and left asap. My friend later told me they had an argument and he pushed her into a bookshelf and she pulled a meatcleaver on him that she keeps beside the front and only door. He ran out and she hasn’t seen him since. When I saw him at the local Wal-Mart in January he asked for a ride to town and I said “no” I’m not going that way. I guess our Mother God was watching over me at the time and now, I’m sure of it!!!

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