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Amazon confirms major expansion in Colorado Springs; more than 1,000 jobs expected


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Amazon, the worldwide technology and delivery giant, has confirmed plans to supplement its current operation at the Colorado Springs Airport with a major expansion that will create more than 1,000 jobs.

Amazon's year-old delivery facility near the Colorado Springs Airport.

In a release issued Thursday, Amazon announced it will open an 800,000-square-foot fulfillment center to process customer orders, and likely will expand the center to four million square feet.

It's believed that the center will be one of the largest buildings in Colorado when it opens, and be across the road from Amazon's year-old delivery facility.

Future location of Amazon's new fulfillment center.

Amazon said jobs will start at $15 an hour and include full benefits and opportunities for educational advancement. When the openings are available, people will be able to apply online at this link. An estimated timeframe for hiring hasn't been given yet.

Amazon arrived in Colorado Springs in 2018 by building a temporary delivery facility and then opened a larger facility last fall.

Amazon's temporary delivery facility that was formerly at the Colorado Springs Airport.

Greg Phillips, the airport's aviation director, said the Amazon deal was finalized last week but preparation work on the site began several weeks ago.

"Construction will start soon and take around 15 months to finish," he said. "So it should be ready by June of 2021. Amazon isn't getting any tax breaks for this project. It's happy with the success it's having in Colorado Springs."

Both Amazon properties are along Peak Innovation Way, on the southwest end of the airport's business park, called the Peak Innovation Park. Preliminary work has already begun to extend that road a short distance to connect with South Powers Boulevard.

Local economic developers said with plans to build two hotels in the park, and the Amazon expansion, the park is poised to attract more businesses and boost the economically depressed southeast side of the city.

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Scott Harrison

Scott is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Scott here.



  1. $15 an hour with full benefits and opportunities for educational advancement can not be considered too shabby, when compared with the many jobs at or around minimum wage, which can boast none of the above. This facility could really make a difference for many people here.

    1. It will be awesome. Rumor is the addition in the future will bring air freight for Amazon which will be a huge boost to the airport. Right now they operate out of Denver and the runway fees and long wait time for a takeoff/landing slot are hurting the operation.
      The secondary business to support all of this will bring even more jobs. This is great for Colorado Springs!

  2. So, ask yourself this- are any of you better off by the supposed booming economy in CS? Have e your wages kept up with inflation? Get you prop tax bill yet? Pay more right? Benefit you? Crime up, homeless panhandlers increase? Tax increase? Your credit card debt less? Driving a nicer car (without increase in car loan)? The only people I can see getting huge benefit are the developers and big business – economy so good developers need constant tax breaks and TIF (look it up) to develop – it’s money out of your pocket for roads, infrastructure and public safety.

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