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Colorado woman accused of lying in gun confiscation petition

susan holmes Cropped

DENVER (AP) - Colorado authorities have issued an arrest warrant for a woman accused of lying when she filed a petition seeking to take away the guns of a university police officer who killed her son.

The Denver Post reported Thursday that the Larimer County sheriff's office is seeking the arrest of Susan Holmes on suspicion of first-degree perjury and attempt to influence a public servant.

Holmes said in the petition that she and the officer shared a child together, but later said it wasn't true.

Holmes did not immediately respond to a reporter's call.

Associated Press

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  1. Lying on petitions like this is one of the main arguments against the Red Flag Law. Whether she did it deliberately to raise awareness of the fact, or whether she’s just stupid, her actions amply demonstrate that the concern is valid.

    1. Yes and now you see the result….an arrest warrant in her name. don’t be fooled if you think you can use the red flag law for personal gain you’ll find that homie (colorado) don’t play that.

  2. Looks like the opponents to this unconstitutional law were correct in their predictions that lying would be one of the many problems with this law.

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