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Icy water rescue saves buck from frozen fate

Black Friday around 5:30p.m. was looking very dark for a buck who wandered across a frozen lake neighorhood of Kissing Camels in Colorado Springs.

When wildlife officer Cassidy English with Colorado Parks and Wildlife arrived on-scene the buck was deep in the lake so she called the Colorado Springs Fire Department for back-up.

A firefigher put on a wet suit and was able to break the ice and help lead the buck to shore and safety.

The plan worked but officers say the rescue was dangerous work.

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Kristen Skovira

Kristen is a reporter and an anchor for the weekend evening newscasts. You can learn more about Kristen here.


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  1. The buck is now hanging in some lucky hunter’s garage, waiting to be cut up into steaks, roasts, stew meat, etc.

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