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Gusts up to 70mph expected across southern Colorado through Saturday

Overturned semi on I-25 Cropped
Overturned semi on I-25 near Greenland Road; Nov. 29, 2019

A weather pattern moving into southern Colorado is expected to bring high wind gusts Friday evening through Saturday afternoon, and travel is expected to be impacted.

Consider this your warning to stay away from tall vehicles until Saturday evening -- and if you drive a tall vehicle, use this as an excuse to avoid errands.

A high wind restriction is in place for I-25 between the New Mexico border and Pueblo. High profile and light profile vehicles may be stopped by troopers or police.

Wind alerts are in place through 6 p.m. in most areas of Colorado. Eastern areas of the state are under warnings until 11 p.m.

For an updating traffic map to alert you of closures and delays, CLICK HERE.

Follow our weather page by clicking the link at the top of this article.




    1. its a FOREcast. This is for NEXT week.
      These guys are f’in geniuses.
      No wonder they got all those Alfred the Burro Awards.

  1. That is a day old headline, if you cannot come up with new news then copy & paste something from the internet, no thought needed.

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