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Shooting near Palmer Park in Colorado Springs

shooting near palmer park

UPDATE: Police say the victim is in stable condition after treatment for non-life threatening injuries. However, a duty lieutenant for CSPD says no one has been arrested at the moment. 

According to a police report, the victim was able to tell officers that two suspects fired a weapon into the victim's vehicle when the victim refused to give them money.

Police searched the park extensively but were unable to find the suspects.

Previous story:

Colorado Springs Police are investigating a shooting that happened around 7:00 p.m. near Palmer Park in the area of North Academy and Maizeland. Police tell KRDO a 25-year-old man was shot at least four times.

Palmer Park is locked down while police investigate. 

Details are still coming in. Check back for details. 

Colorado Springs / Local News / News Staff


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  1. And as the community continues to be toxic by not supporting their law enforcement by making accusations and allegations of bad shoots, even when it is clearly a good shoot, you will continue to lose the good officers before the bad ones that leave.

    No one wants the liability of losing everything they own for a career that places them in a situation where they have to make a snap decision and then they can later be scrutinized by all of the Monday Night Quarterbacks. No, you are only losing the smart ones that realize this first, and this same community is being left with the minimum wage squad of police enforcement.


    You can only pick 2!
    Good and fast will not be cheap. You get what you pay for…
    Fast and cheap will not be good. low cost, but done with haste and carelessness…
    Cheap and good will not be fast. Just in time to be too late…

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