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The School Buzz: Daily ‘I Am Somebody’ mantra inspires Soaring Eagles Elementary

“Every kid needs a champion.” That was a mantra coined by famous educator and Ted Talk speaker Rita Pierson. And her words inspired local teachers at Soaring Eagles Elementary to develop their own mantra for their students.\

If you walk into Stefani Messick’s classroom, or any 2nd-grade classroom at Soaring Eagles Elementary, you’ll see a mantra on the wall, one that starts with “I am somebody.”

All second graders at Soaring Eagles repeat this mantra at the beginning of each day, so much so that Gina Oellig, who is a coach at the school, says she can hear them from down the hallway. She says it gives her chills.

Messick says this whole mantra was Wendy Bennett’s idea, a fellow 2nd-grade teacher.

“We’re excited to see the way this practice will continue to evolve this school year in terms of students embracing themselves and the power they have in their own education. And I feel really lucky to be a part of our classroom community," said Messick.

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