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The School Buzz: D-11 home to three of top counselors in Colorado

School counselors provide much-needed support for students as they navigate through school and family life. They can be vital to a students’ success. Staff, parents and admins must be thrilled with the support students are getting at D-11 Colorado Springs considering three of their counselors have recently been named best in the state.

D-11 admins brought in family, friends, and other staff, to surprise Carrie Skeens. She’s the school counselor at Edison Elementary. She was named the Elementary School Counselor of the Year for Colorado by the Colorado School Counselor Association.

It took Skeens a moment to realize what was happening during the surprise; she said never in her dreams would she imagine winning the honor.

“Edison makes it so easy to do my job. The support and the students are why I’m here. All of you guys are so amazing,” said Skeens on camera during the surprise.

 Skeens said to KRDO, “In my mind, I’m just doing what’s best for kids every day. I wake up each day excited to come to work to serve the greatest students and families all while working with the best colleagues. I’m truly blessed.”

Next up was Colleen McElvogue, from Russell Middle School. She won the state’s highest honor for Middle School Counselor of the Year.

And finally, the last surprise, rounding out the trifecta, was High School Counselor of the Year, Vicki Glaser, over at Doherty High School.

Out of 1,600 counselors in the state, the three women are being honored as the best, making D-11 proud in the process.

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Josh Helmuth

Josh is an anchor for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Josh here.

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