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Police investigating crash at Powers and Palmer Park

powers and palmer park crash closeup

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) — A serious crash sent three people to the hospital Saturday afternoon.

Police said it happened around 2:24 p.m.

Police said a white truck pulling a trailer tried to turn from Powers Blvd. onto Palmer Park Blvd. but didn't make the turn.

It continued through the intersection, jumped a curb and hit a grey hatch back sitting in a turn lane. Three people in that car were taken to the hospital to be evaluated for non-life threatening injuries.

The truck then went off the road, down a hill and crashed into three empty, parked cars in the Walmart parking lot.

Police said the passenger of the truck stayed there while the driver ran away.

CSPD Communications tweeted eastbound and westbound Palmer Park Blvd. was shutdown after the crash.

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Willis Scott

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    1. Not just inconsiderate but also stupid. “I’m going to buy a $60k truck, over load it, and haul ass around turns on last season tires on bad roads that have been over-graveled. What could possibly go wrong?”the SUV drive is going to be in the hospital for weeks. That looks deadly.

      1. The injuries will depend on who were wearing seat belts. The “SUV” looks like the “white truck” that caused the crash as mentioned in the story, and the driver of that ran away, so he’s probably not too badly injured.

          1. You still don’t get it, do you? What you claim to be an SUV appears to be the White Truck, with an extended cab and with the trailer behind it, whose driver ran away. Perhaps you’re the one who is drunk…?

          2. Look harder. Look directly above the white truck at the twisted metal mess of a grey SUV that was T-boned. It’s to the left of the CO21 sign. Go ahead, tell me that driver walked away. Your “reality” is of self-righteousness. I now have to troll you every time I poop and correct your shortcomings until I get bored.

          3. I stand corrected. I was concentrating on the vehicles in the foreground and hadn’t seen the SUV that you just pointed out. You’re right.

      1. RealityCheck says: White Chevrolet Silverado driver whom likely already a criminal smashed an innocent family while drunk flees the scene because he also doesn’t have insurance. He likely owns a scam landscaping or roofing “company” after buying a very expensive new truck and trailer by stealing the identity of another innocent family.

        There, I fixed your “reality check” of this news story.

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