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Colorado Springs

Hundreds wait in line for COVID-19 testing in Colorado Springs following holiday weekend

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Colorado Springs, CO (KRDO) -- Hundreds of cars lined up at the drive-thru COVID-19 testing site Monday at UCHealth in Colorado Springs following the July 4th holiday weekend.

Carolyn Vogrin, a spokesperson for UCHealth spokesperson Carolyn Vogrin said that 365 went through the testing tent off Parkside Drive Monday. While that is considered a busy day, Vogrin told KRDO she wouldn't know how close it was to the daily record until Tuesday.

UCHealth says the high traffic could be because the testing site was closed Saturday. It’s usually open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays.

Bill Plauth, the chief medical officer for Penrose-St. Francis, says hospitalizations are also trending upward, as El Paso County reports 120 new coronavirus cases today.

El Paso County Public Health reports 20 COVID-19 hospitalizations as well. According to our previous reporting, the county recorded seven COVID-19 hospitalizations for the first part of June.

"If you look at the number of people being hospitalized, that has gone up over the last few weeks, so it does suggest a real increase," Plauth said.

The state of Colorado reported its lowest coronavirus hospitalizations since March on June 27. According to state data, there were 126 hospitalizations due to COVID-19 that day. On Sunday, July 5, the state reported 171 COVID-19 hospitalizations.

"This is not the time to relax," Plauth said.

Plauth adds that, if you are diagnosed and need to be hospitalized, there is plenty of capacity at local hospitals.

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  1. Now we’ll see just how well all those people conformed with the guidelines. I’m guessing not very well…

    1. Oh, give it a rest. Ethier you’ll get it or you won’t. Don’t usually people freak out this much every year from the current strain of flu? How many people this year actually died from from something else than Covid? This social conditioning is getting silly. Since masks have become the ‘norm’, I really dont believe people are washing or maintaining their masks anyway. Plus people touching their damn mask 73 times a day doesn’t count as containing the spread. This is all theatrics and it’s getting really old.

    1. “Carolyn Vogrin, a spokesperson for UC Health spokesperson Carolyn Vogrin …”. So the spokesperson has a spokesperson by the same name?

  2. A person would seriously have to have no life if they going to sit in line for silly test… whether you get it or not so what… Why in the world would you stand the in line to get tested for something you already know you have

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