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As COVID-19 cases rise in neighboring states, will it dismantle Colorado’s progress?

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Garden of the Gods in March, 2019; Photo: Lars Leber

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- States like Arizona, Texas, and Utah have seen an influx of new diagnoses of COVID-19, and while Colorado's case number has increased, will it reach the same levels seen in neighboring states?.

On Thursday afternoon, the El Paso County Health Department reported 21 new cases in the area, and 26 the day before. Overall, Colorado is still a state with low transmission levels compared to states seeing thousands of new cases a day.

"It gets our attention," Dr. Robin Johnson, Medical Director for the El Paso County Health Department said.

Stay-at-home orders have been modified allowing bars, restaurants, and other attractions to open up, but state and county officials are worried if social distancing and mask-wearing are not taken seriously, our state could see an increase like others.

Johnson says right now they are "relying on our citizens, friends and family to follow best practices is going to help us continue the success we've been seeing here in Colorado."

Of the few spikes El Paso County has seen in the last week or so, Johnson explains they are necessarily widespread.

"When we do have a spike, it's typically in more of congregate setting so those are individuals who are living in a residential setting or long-term care facility," she explains.

Health officials are looking ahead to the upcoming 4th of July Weekend to see if social distancing and mask-wearing gudielines are followed and if more COVID-19 cases come from gatherings.

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Krystal Story

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  1. the # of people wearing masks is less than the # of people not wearing masks.

    We will certainly start to see our levels rise at an increased clip.

    1. Masks have little to no affect. They are only effective if you are the one sick so You don’t transmit to others. The virus has spoken!

  2. We all must wear a mask and hide in our basements alone forever or this plague will ki11 us all.

  3. The whining crybaby rioters and looters are what caused covid-19 to spike up again. “Let’s gather in groups of hundreds or thousands with a global pandemic going on because we chose NOW, because of a career criminal piece of sh@t, to greatly increase the risk of increased cases because we’d rather ACT like we care and didn’t just want free t.v.s or clothes/electronics, to whine about people getting killed”. People who didn’t just comply and not resist so they cause a situation where they raised cop’s adrenaline and then wanna cry about how they were treated after they got the cops amped up. Let’s do that NOW- NOW, with a global pandemic sweeping the globe. Let’s put EVERYONE’S lives in danger for these people who resist arrest or bring about the tension that leads to their deaths. You all put MY LIFE in danger for that criminal piece of sh@t George Floyd!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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