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Pueblo cemetery addresses controversial Civil War monument

Memorial for Civil War soldiers in Roselawn Cemetery, Pueblo

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) - Several monuments from the Civil War era in Colorado have been put under scrutiny over the years, and even more so as Black Lives Matter protests continue in the wake of George Floyd's death in Minneapolis.

Advocates for change believe memorials honoring the Confederate Army, which fought to keep slaves, should be taken down.

One of two reportedly controversial monuments from the Civil War in southern Colorado is along the entrance of the Roselawn Cemetery in Pueblo, by Aspen Road and Santa Fe Drive. The memorial -- erected in 1902 by the Woman's Relief Corps -- celebrates all of the soldiers who fought in the war both, in the north and south. The memorial features pictures of the United States flag and the Confederate flag.

Memorial for Civil War soldiers in Roselawn Cemetery, Pueblo

We talked to Ray Brown, the Roselawn's Director of Grounds and Facilities, about the specific Civil War monument, and he says they are "absolutely happy with the way this memorial is set up."

"I think the importance is - is that the war is over. We're celebrating the fact that there was a Civil War, there was an emancipation of the African Americans in the United States," Brown said.

Brown said that dozens of soldiers from the Union and the Confederacy are buried at Roselawn. He says he understands the outrage over statues of Confederate generals and agrees that their statues need to go.

However, he says it's difficult to address the people who are against this particular memorial, which was installed by the Woman's Relief Corps, because the Confederate Flag is etched into its top-right corner.

After a brief pause, he explained his brief thoughts on why he thinks the memorial should stay.

"Every soul is precious to us, and it doesn't matter whether they fought for the Confederacy or the Union. We're here to celebrate life and death after life. We're not interested in memorializing or not memorializing anyone for whatever they believed in their lifetimes," Brown said.

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Julia Donovan

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  1. Grow up people. It happened. It is called HISTORY.
    You can’t change history because your feelings are hurt. F your feelings.
    What next a good old book burning?
    There are no slaves today and no slave owners. Nobody should apologize for something they had nothing to do with.

      1. Are jealous that you live I. The good because of failures in your life? I’m sorry you dropped out of high school and had to work low paying jobs. Look in the mirror today and say “I failed myself, I failed my family, I failed my country.”

        When you realize that you can move on and try better.
        Read a history book.

  2. `We need to remove all statues and monuments. No matter which way you look at is, they are going to offend someone.

    1. So we want to remove monuments that remind us where we used to be vs. where we are now? This is ignorant thinking from the children who have been coddled all their life, being lead to beleive everyone gets a participation trophy. I agree if we are going to remove memorials then it should be all, which I hate to say it, means those of all cultures whether they are good or bad. Stop naming highways after people in history and stop putting up statues of them, so MLK you have to go as well, and he was a great man but if we want to be fair then lets do it right.

  3. It’s all bullshit! Anything honoring people who agreed with other humans being slaves is bullshit!!!

  4. So let’s take it all the way.
    No more confederate flags and memorials.
    No more allowing the German flag to be displayed. Terrible history.
    No more middle east flags allowed to be displayed. Terrible history of human rights violations.
    We need to boycott Coors because the founders name was Adolph. They take water out of a river and damage the environment also.
    We need to rename all schools and most streets and remove any name or term that could offend anyone.
    We need to completely redo all of our money.
    We need to get new history books that only go back as far as 2001. Before that there were so many groups that oppressed or offended people.
    We need everyone to no longer have a name but just a number. Just think of all the slave owners whose name was Thomas, John, George, Phil, Don, Julie, Fred, Jamie, Ashley, and on and on.

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