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2nd apartment complex evacuated due to asbestos

Thrive at Park's Edge apartment complex after evacuation.
Thrive at Park's Edge apartment complex after evacuation.

Hundreds of families were forced from their homes at multiple apartment complexes, owned by the same company, due to high levels of asbestos.

People living at the Thrive at the Incline apartments, owned by Slipstream Properties, on Murray Boulevard were evacuated Wednesday night.

After our report about the evacuations aired Thursday morning, KRDO got calls from residents at another apartment complex, saying they went through the same thing just weeks ago.

Residents at Thrive at Park’s Edge on Chapman Drive were told to vacate just before Thanksgiving.

People who lived there say the company in charge paid for their hotel and gave them resources to find a new home, but they say that’s not enough to compensate for what they’ve had to leave behind.

Residents like Lori and David were told to leave everything besides the essentials.

“He lost his daughter’s wedding invitations. She just got married last year. And it’s stuff that we can’t replace. There’s no way to replace it,” said Lori.

On top of that, Lori has congestive heart failure. She says being exposed to asbestos could be even more dangerous for her. Slipstream Properties even warned her.

“They said you need to see a doctor every three months for the next five years,” Lori said.

She says the company has agreed to pay for those medical visits.

The apartment also complex promised 24/7 security while the residents were elsewhere.

But resident Michaela Murphy says they’ve failed at their job.

“Our glass door was completely shattered and a whole bunch of stuff was messed around and moved around and it had looked like someone was sleeping on the couch,” she said.

Now, she’s had enough. She’s going against orders and taking all of her belongings with her.

Lori told us the complex promised her 5-10 thousand dollars of compensation but that word never got to Michaela.

“I don’t have the money to replace everything that I’ve had,” Michael said.

Slipstream Properties owns five other apartment complexes in the city.

Right now it’s unclear if they plan to test those other locations for asbestos as well.

We’ve reached out to the company for a comment, but there’s been no response as of Thursday night.

This story will be updated as we get more information.


Julia Donovan

Julia is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Julia here.



  1. It’s a damn shame what’s going on! Correct me if I’m wrong, both these properties use to belong to Terry Reagan, the old slumlord right? Who was forced to sale, and made over 100 million.The new owners knew there was asbestos in these apartments, what year were they built? This is nothing but gentrification at it’s finest. What’s the average rent at these apartments, $800-$1000? After the remodeling I promise prices will be around $1200-$1400. Now let’s pay attention to the spike in crime over the next couple months.

  2. This seems to be an emerging pattern by Slipperystream Properties of purchasing the apartment complexes and then evacuating the tenants. I have to wonder if there really is asbestos in these apartments, or whether it’s an excuse as part of a scheme to remove existing tenants without having to go through the proper eviction procedures, which can be both time consuming and expensive, especially when the tenants have valid leases? Hopefully someone is looking into that fraudulent possibility…

    1. Whoops! I checked back at the other story on the previous apartment complex being “evacuated”, and found this had already been discussed.

    2. I just commented on the same thing. It just seems to be too coincidental, that two properties are having the same problem.

  3. I would actually start questioning if there really is an asbestos problem, or if they are just booting people so they can get the property clear to rebuild… This is just strange.

  4. Asbestos is not a living organism. It was added to insulation, textured paint and other remodeling materials prior to 1977. Most likely it is a legitimate case with the apartments based on their age. Replacing windows, siding or removing interior walls can definitely stir up the fibers and get in people’s lungs. Everyone living there beyond a year should get tested. After remodeling several older homes, I’ve been exposed and it is terrible afterwards. They should have done unit by unit to keep spread contained.

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