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Colorado couple reveals invention to combat porch pirate problem

Courtesy: Brianna McKee
Courtesy: Brianna McKee

Amid the busiest shopping weekend of the year, Denver has made the list of cities with the worst porch pirate problems.

The list was released by a group called "Safe Wise,” putting Denver at number 8 out of 10.

There’s been porch pirate problems here in Southern Colorado, as well.

People who live on Anders Ridge Lane in Northeast Colorado Springs say packages were stolen from at least three houses Saturday morning.

One Frederick couple says they’ve come up with a solution to the problem: the Porch Pirate Lock Box.

It’s a lock box bolted to your deck.

The inventors, Candy and Kelly Whitmer, say the message on top of the box informs the delivery driver to place your package inside, and then lock it.

“You come home, you unlock it, and your packages are there,” explained Candy.

Both Candy and Kelly say they think this should be the new norm - instead of just leaving your packages unattended, and in plain sight.

“It’s kind of an archaic deal right now. I can’t believe that we do this. They need to be locked up and we’re trying to solve that problem,” Kelly said.

The couple started working on the invention after they fell victim to a porch pirate, themselves, last year.

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Julia Donovan

Julia is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Julia here.



    1. Yes, I’m betting there are many patents out there with similar inventions, each with a slight variation on the theme. The key (no pun intended 🙄) is to find a new and useful twist that no one has thought of before. Whether this “invention” has one is questionable without any further info, but it sure doesn’t sound like anything new to me either based on this story…

      1. I just found their website, and it looks like it may violate a number of existing patents. Not to mention the fact that a simple padlock can easily be removed with bolt cutters costing a few dollars from any discount tool store…

  1. Maybe something like they have at the library for returned books would be good, depending on how big the package is. Or a way to drop them down the chimney. With so many delivery drivers, you can’t just give out the garage code. Worst case, we could all just shop locally.

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