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El Paso County sets record for the number of ballots submitted in 2019 Election

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With the election now over, how was the voter turnout here in El Paso County? On Election Day, The county was tracking ahead of the all-time record which was set back in 2017.

And now with things starting to settle down, El Paso County Clerk and Recorder Chuck Broerman is left looking at the voter turnout, and this year’s turnout was, in fact, record-breaking for a coordinated election.

 “We are at 179,000 so 27,000 more people voted. Currently, our turnout rate is at 42.8%,” said Broerman.

The previous record? 152-thousand votes in 2017. However, even with the record broken, Chuck Broerman says the turnout could still be better.

 “We send out a little over 400,000 ballots and 179,000 people voted. That means we are closer to 55 percent that didn’t vote. We want to get to that gold standard and be in the 80-90%.”

And moving forward Broerman feels this record could easily be broken again with the way El Paso County continues to grow.

 “I think because of the great work we do and the interest of the public, records are made to be broken and I love to see us break the record next time,” said Broerman. And in terms of most ballots submitted by county, El Paso County finished second behind Jefferson County.

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Kolby Crossley

Kolby is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about Kolby here.



  1. News to government official: How can you make sure that the elections are not being hacked by an outside government?

    government official to News: Because the US has been interfering with other governments elections since at least the 50’s and 60’s, remember Viet Nam and Italy come to mind.

    News to government official: You didn’t answer our question, how do you make sure our votes count and are not an outside government’s votes?

    government official to News: Because the numbers we falsified as the vote totals match with what we put in, so we know that an outside government didn’t interfere.

    News to government official: Doesn’t that mean you are cheating the American people their right to vote?

    government official to News: nope they got to vote, they just didn’t vote the way we wanted so we voted for them. You know the same reason we use the electoral college…

    News to government official: So how do you verify who gets elected?

    government official to News: The lobbyists pay the most for the winner, and we in the Legislative branch have made laws to make sure this will never change or be fixed.

    News to government official: Then why should people vote?

    government official to News: It makes the mob feel like they are involved. Romans knew it best, gotta entertain the masses. By the way you still think there are two political parties?

    News to government official: What?!

    government official to News: Yeah, great shell game. Keeps the mob distracted and not really observing the real fact that dividing a nation around something that the majority of the masses don’t even agree with was one of the greatest selling points the Corporations wealthy 1%ers created to deflect the real attention that should be drawn upon them.

    News to government official: WHAT?! We must tell the populace about this as soon as possible!

    government official to News: About that, yeah we already had voted and we can already stifle the 1st Amendment of the freedom of press. We can now place gag orders on news and media outlets. All we have to do is ask the government if its ok.

    News to government official: But you are a part of the government, why would you say no to yourself?

    government official to News: Exactly.

    1. And this is what happens when we allow the government to do the thinking for us…

      “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
      ― Benjamin Franklin

    2. You should tell us how you really feel…..

      You know citizens are involved in the ballot counting and verification. We do not use electronic voting machines. So if Russia wanted to mess with an El Paso county election it would have to be a very elaborate scheme.

      So are you saying that more people actually voted then they are reporting? They just chose the ballots that fit the govt agenda?

  2. It was once said, love my country, fear my government. Took me a long while of having to experience a lot more than most from the inside to realize the impact of this statement.
    I am always and will forever be the skeptic and to me, Occam’s Razor makes the most sense always when investigating. My statement was an allegory designed to make some think.

    No, I do not believe that Russia is interfering with our local El Paso County election, already proven that it occurred within the 2016 Primary’s for the DNC at the minimum.

    I do believe that is has occurred and history has proven that the US government has been doing it for a long time in other countries? Is it really that hard of a step to know our government has done this in other countries quite a lot over the last 70+ years but when thinking that the same government couldn’t do that here?

    1. Or perhaps I need to see a Doctor, not my personal assessment but,
      Someone also once said, “In a mad world only the mad are sane.” – Akira Kurosawa

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