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Court papers reveal daughters watched their father, former Fort Carson soldier, allegedly shoot their mother

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Two young Colorado Springs girls are dealing with the death of their mother, who allegedly died at the hands of their father. Now, court documents are shedding light on what happened that February night.

On February 20, officers arrived at a home off South Circle at 1 a.m. on reports of a shooting. At the scene, they found 30-year-old Tashianna Blake dead. Police immediately took 34-year-old Dermot Blake into custody.

When the shooting happened, Blake was an active-duty soldier at Fort Carson.

According to court documents, Blake called 9-1-1 and reportedly told dispatch he had shot his wife. When police searched the townhome, they found her upstairs in the hallway. The documents indicate that Tashianna had been shot six times, with an additional bullet striking the drywall behind her body.

According to court documents, their two daughters, seven and five, watched their father shoot and kill their mother.

When police spoke to the girls, the court documents say the 7-year-old told investigators she was in her bedroom with her younger sister when she heard shots. Then, she heard her mother call to them from the hallway. The two of them left the bedrooms and found their mother covered in blood.

The 7-year-old said Blake was telling her mother to "apologize." According to court documents, the little girl told police Tashianna was saying "I'm sorry" as her father shot her mother in the head.

The girls were placed with family members following Blake's arrest.

Tashianna died just weeks after celebrating her 30th birthday. A promising new realtor in the Colorado Springs area, she also posted frequently about her family. Months before she died, Tashianna said, "I’ll do anything for my kids. My kids are my life."

Her Facebook also indicates she married Dermot in 2015. The two filed for divorce in July of 2019, but the case was dismissed by October of the same year.

Court documents show police were called to the Blake residence for a domestic disturbance the day they filed for divorce. When police arrived at that 2019 domestic disturbance call, both Tashianna and Dermot told officers the argument was just verbal. However, someone in the background told police Dermot had hit Tashianna. Still, no charges were filed after that incident.

Dermot appeared in court on Tuesday to waive his preliminary hearing. Blake faces first-degree murder charges, along with violent crime and child abuse charges as well. He has yet to enter a plea and remains in the El Paso County Jail without bond. He's expected back in court in mid-December.

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