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Colorado Springs

Rep. Doug Lamborn continues fight to keep U.S. Space Command in Colorado

Rep. Doug Lamborn in February 2020
Rep. Doug Lamborn in February 2020

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - Rep. Doug Lamborn of Colorado's 5th Congressional District is continuing the battle to keep U.S. Space Command headquarters in Colorado Springs.

A news release Tuesday said Lamborn sent a letter to the U.S. Government Accountability Office asking the organization to look at the methodology and scoring of the Department of the Air Force’s decision making process when it came to U.S. Space Commands permanent home.

“We must make sure that the decision to relocate U.S. Space Command from its home in Colorado Springs was based solely on sound methodology and good, objective data," Lamborn said in a statement.

In January, the U.S. Air Force announced its recommendation to move the headquarters to the U.S. Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Ala. Since the announcement, allegations have been circling that former President Donald Trump made the decision to move the headquarters to Alabama to help him gain support from Alabama lawmakers.

Six Colorado lawmakers, including Lamborn, had already sent a letter asking the Biden Administration to review the decision.

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Brittany Wiley



  1. Nobody listens to Dougie in Washington. Dougie is a joke, seen as a leftover Trump Bootlicker. Perhaps a congressmen with a solid reputation should step in and advocate. How about Lauren Boob-ert? Her district feels a positive economic impact from a Colorado Springs HQ. Oh. Never mind. She’s an idiot, too.

  2. Oh brother. Too bad Lamborn’s nose was so far up Loser Trump’s azz that he didn’t object when said azzhole nixed the opportunity for CS:
    “Sources at the White House and the Air Force have confirmed the Air Force’s site selection team recommended the permanent headquarters be located at Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs,” said Lisa Landes, a spokeswoman for the Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce. “President Trump ignored their recommendation and selected Redstone Arsenal.”
    – – –
    Pretty pathetic that KRDO is now hailing Lamborn as some kind of special kind of guy when they themselves admit that “Six Colorado lawmakers, including Lamborn, had already sent a letter asking the Biden Administration to review the decision.” Who would those other 5 lawmakers be? Oh, right. Democrats.

  3. Why not ask the administration to just nix the whole concept of a Space Force?
    The entire thing is a fool’s errand and just wastes money.

  4. Yup apparently Bennett and hinkenlooper don’t have any teeth either or any other Dem politian from Colorado. Let’s just close all the military bases and have Seattle and Portland send their homeless youth out here, we could put them in the empty bases. A democrat utopia.

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