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66% of traffic fatalities in El Paso County involve not wearing seat belts

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Starting this week, the Colorado Department of Transportation, Colorado State Patrol, and other local police agencies begin a two-week seat belt enforcement period -- and for good reason.

Unbuckled occupants in vehicles resulted in 22 fatalities in El Paso County so far this year. That accounts for roughly 66% of the 33 total passenger vehicle deaths in the county this year. El Paso County’s seat belt use rate currently sits at 87%; although that seems like a lot, that is still down from 90% in 2019.
Statewide, so far in 2020, 299 occupants in passenger vehicles have been killed in crashes on Colorado roads. Of those, 160 fatalities, or 54%, involved unbuckled drivers. That's an alarming number considering that non-buckled passengers represent just 14% of vehicle occupants, according to a recent CDOT survey on seat belt usage.

Sam Cole with CDOT said, “We are seeing a spike in traffic fatalities in El Paso County because of people who don’t buckle up. We are seeing a decline in the number of people who buckled up last year in El Paso county. We really want these trends to reverse.”

On average, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administrations, 70 lives could be saved each year if everyone in Colorado buckled up.

This enforcement effort marks CDOT''s first November Click it or Ticket enforcement period. During the most recent click it or ticket enforcement period back in July of this year, nearly 2,000 unrestrained drivers and passengers were issued citations across Colorado.

Fines for not buckling up in Colorado start at $65, and parents or caregivers caught with an improperly restrained child can receive a minimum fine of $82.

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  1. “,alleged%20violation%20of%20another%20law.”

    “Violating the seat belt law is a secondary offense, meaning that drivers may not be cited for failure to wear a seat belt unless stopped by a law enforcement officer for an alleged violation of another law.”

    1. Most drivers who don’t wear seatbelts frequently violate other laws. So it’s generally not too difficult for law enforcement officers to find a reason to pull them over. But it’s often more difficult to see if a driver or their passengers are actually wearing a seatbelt or not.

      1. And it’s even more difficult to prove when the suspect states they took off their seatbelt to get their vehicle registration, and proof of insurance for the LEO before they are at the window of your vehicle.

        1. That’s one reason why LE Vehicles have dashcams. It’s amazing what evidence they can produce…

  2. 100% of covid fatalities are due to covid yet nobody cares. At least these people just kill themselves and not infect others with the no seatbelt virus.

    1. 100% of texting and driving deaths are due to texting and driving. I still see idiots driving with masks on and texting. Are you willing to give up your cell phone to help save a life?

      1. But that’s proof that even some idiots wear masks, although why they wear them while driving is another issue. I guess that’s another part of being an idiot (along with the texting while driving) . . .

        1. People who wear masks do so because they want to socially conform, that’s all. However, they also wear masks because their employers tell them to too and, especially the “men,” because the cucks who call themselves “men” in Colorado are timid cowards too afraid to stand up to their employer. You are slaves and you know it.

          1. abc, I know it is difficult, but keep studying. Eventually you will learn the entire alphabet.

          2. People who wear masks are intelligent enough to understand the reasons for wearing them. People who refuse to wear them are either to ignorant or are just trying to make a statement, and putting themselves, their families, and others at risk in the process. That’s really bright of them.

    2. If you’re in a car with 2 fat guys who aren’t wearing seatbelts and only you are – you will be hurt when they crush you with their fatness

    3. That seems to be true of President Trump and his followers. But there are many others who do care.
      And don’t forget that many people who don’t wear seatbelts also don’t buckle in their kids, who therefore don’t learn to do it themselves, so it can definitely be infectious.

  3. “66% of traffic fatalities in El Paso County involve not wearing seat belts”
    If drivers choose not to wear seatbelts themselves, or enforce the law for their adult passengers, I don’t really care too much. What I DO care about is people who don’t enforce the seatbelt law for the kids in their vehicles. Everyone caught doing that should be shown what happens to kids who are unrestrained in crashes. Even simple rear-enders can result in severe head trauma and brain damage to kids who hit a windshield, and that’s just the minor crashes. Anyone who has treated pediatric trauma cases knows the unnecessary price paid by many innocent children due to parents who didn’t buckle them in.

  4. I see that you pedophiles at KRDO are censoring comments. Typical Communists. Eat lead. Better yet, inject it…at high speed.

    1. You don’t seem to realize how stupid you appear to be when you call everyone who disagrees with you a pedophile. Or are you just being childish by calling people names because you have nothing else to say?

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