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Snowy weather reminds us to keep our pets warm

The sun is finally shining again after a recent series of winter storms brought unseasonable snowfall to the region. It's a good reminder to keep your pets safe as we brace for winter.

"Number one: If you're cold, they're cold. Please bring your pets inside if at all possible," said Gretchen Pressley from the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region.

But it's more than just watching for cold dogs left outside. 

"Brush the snow off their bellies to help them dry off a little bit better. If you have booties for them that will help keep their paws warm and also protect them from the salt that's put down on sidewalks. One thing that people don't think of a lot is anti-freeze. When you're putting it in your cars or using it to defrost other things it can be toxic to animals. So clean up any spills. It smells sweet to them so they will drink it but even a little bit can harm your pet," Presley said. 

And if you do see a dog left outside, don't be so quick to assume it's being mistreated. 

"Are they barking, are they playing, do they look happy to be in the snow? Versus are they becoming sluggish, are they trying to lay down in the snow? That means that they're maybe succumbing to hypothermia or maybe they have some frost bite, and that is turning into a very dangerous situation," said Pressley. 

If you're cold, your pet is probably cold too. 

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Dani Fried

Dani is a weekend GMC anchor and reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Dani here.