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Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs police: Seven robberies reported in 27 minutes

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Police say seven different businesses reported robberies within 27 minutes, all on the southeast side of the city early Sunday morning.

Around 2:06 a.m. CSPD was notified of a robbery at a convenience store. Within the next 27 minutes, six more robberies were reported, all in the Sand Creek Division on the southeast side of the Springs.

Initial reports say that two males entered the stores, brandished a weapon at the clerks, and demanded money, according to the police. After each robbery the suspects left in an unknown direction.

The names of the targeted businesses have not been released, nor is there any additional description of the suspects at this time.

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  1. What?! 7 separate locations in 27 minutes that’s amazing!!!

    That’s faster than their fastest response time to any 1 call, let alone 7!!!

    How is CSPD supposed to catch these criminals if they rob 7 locations in 27 minutes? Don’t they know that CSPD has a response time of 4+ hours to 1 call? (Yes I know this was an emergent call and that response time is just for all other calls, but I also know that there are far more non-emergent calls for service than there are emergent and they just are understaffed, underpaid and under supported)

    Trim the Bonsai Tree and get more officers back on the streets. Fix the problem City of Colorado Springs.

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