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The Newschannel 13 Sports team introduces you to the oldest competitor in the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb

“I think I am the oldest period,” says Ralph Murdock. At 82 years old, Ralph Murdock will compete in Sunday's Pikes Peak Hill Climb, “My son, he raced this car last year and so he said well dad, it is the 100th anniversary next year and you are going to be 82 officially, you run this car,” says Murdock.

Racing on asphalt as fast as he can, for him, age is just a number, “ I have a job and my job is to propel this rocket,” says Murdock. Strapping down for the ride of his life, “I love to do this Hill Climb, it is one of a kind race, it is an exhilarating, it’s a challenging race,” says Murdock.

This isn't the first time his son inspires him to get back on the course. After a long hiatus, he was back behind the wheel in 2010, winning in his class the following year, “My son and I are really close and its just one of those things that is father son thing that him and I had bonded since they were little…good man,” says Murdock.


Rob Namnoum

Rob is the Sports Director at KRDO-TV. He started working at KRDO in 1999. He has covered the NFL since 1998. Learn more about Rob here.


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