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The future of Constitution Avenue is tied to PPRTA tax vote

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Though many details are undecided surrounding a potential extension of Colorado Avenue to Interstate 25, just the thought alone has many residents voicing concern.

Ahead of November voting, the Colorado Springs city council is deciding what issues will make it to ballots.

Currently, one percent of city sales tax goes to the Pikes Peak Rural Transit Authority (PPRTA). The PPRTA tax has been in existence since 2015 but will sunset on December 21, 2024.

In November, voters will decide the future of the PPRTA, choosing whether the tax will be extended through 2034 or not.

Funds from the tax address road projects but can only be used on projects included in writing in the ballot.

The Colorado Springs City Council will vote on June 28 on whether a feasibility study for the Constitution Avenue Extension will appear on the November ballot.

More information about future PPRTA projects can be found here.

Annabelle Childers

Annabelle is a reporter for KRDO



  1. I’m pretty sure that, based on the article’s t(i)tle and the last paragraph, that the street named in paragraph 1 should read “Const(i)tution Avenue” and not “Colorado Avenue”. Yet another reason to proofread before publishing.

    1. Seems that only the Moderator-Algorithm is functioning, NOT an Editor. Colorado Avenue ALREADY intersects with I-25, needing no Real adjustments.

  2. Totally unnecessary waste of money. We can’t afford to maintain the roads we have – 90% are a pothole strewn mess – thus the last thing we need is more lane miles that serve virtually no purpose.

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