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Fired Florence City Manager, accused of inappropriate behavior, contemplating plea deal

FLORENCE, Colo. (KRDO) -- Former Florence City Manager Mike Patterson is contemplating a plea deal.

Patterson's case was profiled in 13 Investigates special report, where three women he managed, accused him of inappropriate behavior at Florence City Hall.

13 Investigates has learned Patterson is considering a misdemeanor plea deal after being charged with felony stalking, misdemeanor sexual contact no consent, and another misdemeanor charge of providing alcohol to a minor.

He was fired from his job in August 2021 and arrested at the Denver International Airport in November 2021.

Before his eventual firing, 13 Investigates uncovered records showing the city kept Patterson in his role after it previously settled a lawsuit with a former clerk who accused him of sexual harassment.

Monday, Patterson's attorney suggested in court that there has been inaccurate and excessive media coverage of the case. However, when 13 Investigates asked Patterson's attorney for specifics on what he meant, the attorney said he had no comment.

Patterson is due back in court on July 11.

Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. So are the victims on board with this DA offering this plea agreement, or is the DA just shooting from the hip and making deals to keep up their conviction rating / plea agreement rating? This is why individuals like this alleged suspect continue their pattern behavior that was observed in this case. I guess it is really all in who you know… Justice is blind, unless they are / were a politician or government employee.

    1. And regarding the inaccurate, excessive media attention this alleged suspect has received has been a lot, perhaps it is because every job from McDonalds to government positions teach their staff about s(e)xual har(a)ssment for more than 30 years now.

      Perhaps the alleged suspect would like to waive his rights and should go to trial to set the record straight and explain his side of the story and explain why the evidence gathered looks the way it has been reported upon? Besides stating, “No Comment.”

      Perhaps it is because the alleged suspect was in a position where they should have known better but still choose to violate the policies, ethics, morals, and the law.

      Perhaps this attention is caused because of the position he held and still acted in the way he did…allegedly.

      Perhaps it was the pattern behavior of 3 separate victims, while he was in a position of trust…

      Why is the 4th judicial district prosecuting and offering pleas for a case that occurred within the 11th judicial district? Oh yeah, because the alleged suspect was a government employee so the 11th recused themselves… So why is the 4th offering a plea down to a single misdemeanor charge with patter behavior, and felony charges present? Must be because he has had no prior convictions and deserves the benefit of the doubt that this instance was just a one off…

        1. Lois I did that, can you elaborate upon your point more than just this one phrase? I am unsure if you intended for this to answer all of the question I brought up or if you simply didn’t understand my post. Are you saying that because a public government official received this negative attention based upon his actions that justifies the 4th judicial offering a plea agreement on a case where there is clear pattern behavior present and from a position of trust? What was this reply attempting to relay? Please expound upon your very short reply.

          1. In 2019, this city manager caused city and city insurance to pay out for his inappropriate behavior then, too. Yet, he was allowed to remain in office. They paid no attention to red flag.

          2. You’ll have to read story about what happened in 2019 involving former city manager. I am not being allowed to post what happened.

          3. Now I believe I understand you Lois; yes I am aware. Yet they are still offering a plea agreement to a misdemeanor when pattern behavior has been established. Who is this plea deal the 4th judicial DA’s office is offering serving in the best interest? The victims and the people of the State of Colorado, or the DA’s Office by maintaining a high conviction rating to lesser included charges and the suspect? That is my point.
            Thank you Lois.

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