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Fremont Co. Sheriff’s Office unveils new website to help community access crime, public safety info.


FREMONT COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Fremont County Sheriff's Office unveiled a new website meant to give people an easier way to access crime and public safety-related information.

“This new website is the perfect entry point for establishing better law enforcement and public partnerships. Technology gives us the opportunity to communicate with the public and the anonymity of the tech avoids the potential risks of sharing information with the police…several agencies throughout the region are having great success using this technology,” said Sheriff Cooper in a press release.

The new Fremont County Sheriff's Office Website was developed in partnership with CRIMEWATCH Technologies and is part of the CRIMEWATCH Network.

The new Fremont County Sheriff’s Office Website can be found at

With the new website, residents can do the following:

• Sign up for a free account to receive e-mail alerts regarding crimes committed in certain areas,
• Submit a tip to local law enforcement,
• View recent arrests and “most wanted” lists,
• Register camera and alarm systems,
• Share information with others through social media, and
• Get connected with resources and services.

According to the sheriff's office, this is the 9th Colorado-based agency to go live on the CRIMEWATCH Network, which is a communications platform developed specifically for law enforcement agencies that allow for geographically targeted information sharing and gathering.

The sheriff's office says residents and students are encouraged to visit the new website or download the CRIMEWATCH Mobile app.

The new Fremont County Sheriff's Office website can be found here.

Learn more about CRIMEWATCH here.



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  1. That is a good idea. In this land of tourism, unfortunately our local news does not cover things needed to keep our community safe in fear of scaring away the tourrhoids.Can they share this tech with Chaffee? It would also help prevent discrimination in dealing with complaints.

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