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CDOT crews in full snow-shift for late-spring snowstorm


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Ahead of the expected full force of the late-spring snowstorm, the Colorado Department of Transportation reveals plans to keep roads clear and safe.

According to CDOT, crews went into full snow-shift before the storm moved in. The roads, however, will not be pre-treated. CDOT says because the storm is starting as rain, the wet conditions would wash away materials.

CDOT says motorists should be prepared for slick conditions and avoid driving during the worst part of the storm. I-25 between Denver and Monument is expected to be a challenging area, with heavy wet snow making for hazardous driving conditions.

According to CDOT, crews will focus on the interstates and other major state-maintained roadways with the highest traffic volumes. Once the storm subsides, crews will plow other state routes.

Below are tips motorists should know while driving in snowy, wet weather:

  • Monitor weather conditions and plan ahead - avoid or limit driving during the worst of the storm which is expected to be Friday through Saturday.
  • Monitor road conditions by visiting
  • When out on the roads, have the appropriate tires for the weather with at least 3/16 inches of tread (need the winter tires one more time!).  
  • Take it slow and leave plenty of space behind the vehicle ahead.
  • Leave plenty of space behind plows.
  • Most crashes are caused by driving too fast, following too closely, and not having the appropriate tires for the weather. 
  • Don’t forget to give plows plenty of room and avoid passing them.  Also, remember that it’s illegal to pass a snowplow when it is operating in a tandem formation with one or more snowplows. CDOT experienced an increase in struck plows throughout the 2021-22 winter season, which limits our ability to snow clearing activities

Officials also say cities and counties are responsible for local and residential streets, not CDOT.

Below are CDOT resources travelers can use before hitting the road:


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