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Teller County residents told to hang ‘evacuation’ door hangers if already moved to safe area

Teller County Sheriff's Office

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) --  The Teller County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone in a pre-evacuation order who has already moved to safety to put up an "evacuation door hanger."

This request is in response to residents affected by the High Park Fire.

According to the sheriff's office, these hangers will help first responders know which houses are empty, allowing them to focus on people who still need to evacuate.

Additionally, residents in Teller County are encouraged to sign up for Peak Alerts to be notified of an emergency as quickly and efficiently as possible.

People can sign up by going here.




  1. SO if thee folks are already evacuated, they are supposed to go back and hand a piece of paper on their door. That’s a well thought out process.

  2. Certain to Notify Thieves that “This Property Is Ripe To ROB!!” How about Instead, have an e-mail or text ‘line’ to Inform The Authorities, that’s Protected from hackers?!

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