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Evacuations for High Park Fire extends

TELLER COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- Friday evening, officials extended the evacuation order for the High Park Fire burning in Teller County. As of 8 p.m., the fire had reached 931 acres according to fire officials.

At 6:20 p.m., the Teller County Sheriff's Office released the following message:

EVACUATION ORDER for Cripple Creek Ranches and Mt. Pisgah Area due to a wildland fire. Everyone in this area is ordered to evacuate immediately.

At 6:36 p.m., the TCSO released another statement extending the evacuation again:

EVACUATION ORDER for Lost Burro and Cripple Creek Mountain Estates west of Teller 1 due to a wildland fire. Everyone in this area is ordered to evacuate immediately.

The Teller County Sheriff's Office says the shelter is at  Woodland Park High School. Livestock can be taken to Cripple Creek Fairgrounds.

There is also a pre-evacuation notice for CCME, Rhyolite Mtn Mesa, Monarch, and Lost Canyon.

During a 1 p.m. Town Hall meeting at the Florissant Fire Station, officials said the High Park Fire was still at 0% containment and had grown to 673 acres.

According to InciWeb, the High Park Fire reached 846 acres as of 4:41 p.m.

There is 200 personnel fighting the flames.

During a media briefing at 9 a.m., officials said the fire had burned more than 400 acres.

For those looking to donate, the Teller County Sheriff's Office says they need:

  • Water
  • Gatorade
  • Cough drops
  • Eye drops

Those items can be taken to the Teller County Sheriff's Office:

The Bureau of Land Management shared a map of the fire by the State of Colorado’s Multi-Mission Aircraft when it was 386 acres.

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  1. If the fire is heading towards Cripple Creek, and Cripple Creek Elementary and Cripple Creek High School are on the Northwest side of the city, doesn’t that seem counter-intuitive to shelter in the potential direction the fire is heading? Having people Pre-evacuate out of Cripple Creek Ranches to Cripple Creek schools seems less than intelligent. Isn’t the point to evacuate to move out of the path of the fire, not continue staying in the path?

    1. So I’m not sure about the wind direction, but my thinking is that we’re looking at the fire being west of Cripple Creek (currently northwest)? If you evacuate folks, you don’t want them going to Victor as it’s a dead end (not technically, but hard to evac out of there except to go through CC). So you are looking at using Cripple Creek, Divide, Florissant, Guffey, or Woodland. Guffey is west, and far from the fire, but might wind up being a worse place to be as you’ll be blocked if the fire expands and have to travel a long way around. Florissant has no facilities worth speaking of (although there is a school in Lake George). Divide has little, and is 20 miles away. Woodland has more but is 30 miles away. If Cripple Creek is unlikely to be threatened, it’s the best option for a shelter, the schools for people and the fairgrounds for animals?

      1. Unfortunately, looks like they are still taking the livestock and animals to the fairgrounds in Cripple Creek, which is still in the line of the fire as well. This will be difficult to find an alternative shelter as well, but they are still in the line as well.

  2. “Below are the areas currently under pre-evacuation status:
    Cripple Creek Ranchettes
    Lost Burro Campground”

    Where are the “Cripple Creek Ranchettes”? I have heard of the “Cripple Creek Ranches subdivision” but not the “Cripple Creek Ranchettes”.

    1. I’m wondering if that’s a nickname given by someone to the “tiny ranches” in that subdivision when compared to real ranches?
      Either that or it’s yet another word created by a SpellCheck program. Except we know that no one at KRDO uses SpellCheck . . .

  3. Teller 1 has just been closed between Cripple Creek and Evergreen Station, no information about why. Could be the fire or could be to facilitate evacuations.

    1. This is probably because of fire crews needing unrestricted access in area.
      What is scary is that CCME only has 1 main ingress / egress and it is a large subdivision. Worse is the ingress / egress is on CR1 and will be first hit if the fire expands in that area. If they don’t act quickly enough there will be a lot of people that will be stuck in that subdivision. There are alternative roads out of there but most are unknown by most inhabitants and they are rough and unmaintained roads that most SUV’s struggle to traverse.

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