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Experts discuss the dangers of making baby formula among national shortage


Colorado Springs, Colo., (KRDO) -- A recall of baby formula has put a strain on parents across the country including in Southern Colorado.

Some families told KRDO it's been quite the challenge to find their baby's preferred formula product.

Colorado Senator Jessie Danielson (D) representing District 20 expressed her own frustration with the current situation.

"Just like so many other families we are faced with a shortage of formula so I just went today to go find what I can find in stores nearby and I will tell you there is not a lot," said Danielson.

Tracking down baby formula for her five-month-old baby has been difficult.

"We've just been doing our best to find what we can and purchase it when we can and as much as we can," added Danielson.

Due to supply shortages and certain recalls of contaminated baby formula products, families are doing what they can.

Still, a local pediatrician urges parents not to panic over the shortage.

UCHealth Pediatrician Dr. Steven Luebbert suggests when it comes to alternatives, the safest thing to do is to try another brand.

"Do the generic brands, at Costco, a lot of times they are very similar to the brand," added Dr. Luebbert.

Dr. Luebbert says regular milk is fine to give to babies between five and eight months.

However, he says you shouldn't keep your child on that milk long-term.

"Some of the worst kids I have seen with anemia is because they have been on cow milk for so long - there is not a lot of iron in cow milk," added Dr. Luebbert. 

Experts also say it's critical you don't make your own formula.

"The problem is they don't know what they are doing," said Dr. Luebbert.

Dr. Tanya Altman, a California doctor, told CNN that homemade formulas can result in a baby not getting the right nutrition or having the ratio of their electrolytes disrupted, which can be dangerous. There have also been cases of bacterial contamination, which can make infants sick.

Dr. Luebbert with UCHealth says the best thing to do is to reach out to your child's provider if you have questions.

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Jasmine Arenas

Jasmine is an MMJ and Anchor for Telemundo Surco and KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Jasmine here.



  1. This was KNOWN since November 2021! ‘Supply Chain Issues’ and one of four producers, CAN’T Get the FDA to let them reopen production!!

    1. Has the Abbott plant been fully purged of the contaminants? Have they fully addressed how the contamination occurred, and how they plan to prevent future contamination? This must be accomplished before they are allowed to resume operations. This is a health and safety issue.

      1. From a recent article: “Last month, however, the FDA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention told NBC News none of the bacterial strains taken at the Abbott plant matched those collected from the infants, and the agencies haven’t offered an explanation for how the contamination occured(sic).”

      2. I think that parental error might be at the root of the 2 sick babies and the 2 infant deaths, more than likely, sadly. Otherwise there should have been more than those 4 cases out of hundreds of thousands of children using that company’s products.

  2. More doctors supporting big business. How about giving people that have no options some instructions on what they can do in the short term?

    1. A line from Dailymail article: “Mom creates {a goat’s milk} baby formula alternative with an unusual form of milk after her little boy developed an allergy and broke out in horrific hives”

  3. straight cow’s milk is iron-poor.A child should be “eating” something by then to provide nutrition. Like baby food, etc. That is why you can use some form of cow’s milk after 5-6 months-babies are ingesting foods by then.
    I feel VERY STRONGLY that this hepativtis issue among very small children is due to breastfeeding from a vaccinated mother. No testing was done on this or on pg women in particular. Forcing everyone to the breast seems rather scary at this time….more agenda??

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