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Group opposes proposed bill to ban hunting mountain lions and bobcats

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Cañon City man is leading a group against a recently introduced bill that would stop mountain lions and bobcats from being hunted.

On January 12, legislators introduced SB22-031, Prohibit Hunting Bobcat Lynx and Mountain Lion. The bill would restrict hunting and only allow shooting, wounding, killing, or trapping if it's:

  • Immediately necessary to protect an individual from bodily harm;
  • By a peace officer or licensed veterinarian acting in the course and scope of their duties;
  • By a federal, state, or local department of health to protect human health or safety;
  • Authorized by a scientific collecting license;
  • Authorized by a wildlife sanctuary license;
  • Authorized by a commercial wildlife park license, unless the license authorizes the licensee to shoot, wound, kill, or engage in trapping bobcats, Canada lynx, or mountain lions;
  • By a zoological park accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums or is authorized by a zoological park license;
  • Expressly authorized by federal law;
  • By the division of parks and wildlife (division) for the protection of a threatened species or an endangered species; or
  • By the division for the purpose of relocating the animal and is done using nonlethal methods and devices.

If passed, violators could face fines or jail time.

A group called Coloradans for Responsible Wildlife Management accuses the bill of being "an assault on hunting and decades of science-based wildlife management."

There's now a GoFundMe circulating online as part of the effort to shut down the proposed legislation. The fundraiser organizer, Daniel Gates, claims the bill is "one of many steps to further erode Hunting and Wildlife Management."

The goal of the fundraiser is $300,000. As of Tuesday at 10 p.m., the GoFundMe has raised $31,142.

SB22-031 is in the Colorado Senate and is now under consideration. If passed, it would go into effect before the fall hunting season.




  1. Why is State Legislature more worried about wildlife more than the state of our State? This may be a clue…

  2. People who makes these proposals typically live in a high rise in the middle of Denver or some other concrete jungle. They see bobcats and mountain lions as cute furry animals. They are just big kittens…..
    They have to be in balance with the rest of the wildlife. CPW does a great job of regulating and ensure a healthy population now and for the future. Hunting is a big part of that.

  3. I don’t see anything in the bill or the article that would justify this law. The current situation is working. Why change it?

  4. When someone’s child is attacked or taken, only then will people see that they need to STOP Moving into Wildlife’s territories.

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